Zuckerberg, Christie And Leftist “independent” Advisory Group


Chris Chrisite was a hit with conservatives when he did the obvious and went head first at unions. I say obvious because had there been a Democrat (he is one so they are interchangeable) that person would have had to stop the unions or there wouldn’t be any dollars to run the State. He is no different as he himself said from Mario Cuomo Deny It Liar, But You Said It. Yes they are indeed two peas in a pod and Mark Zuckerberg being the elitist he is finds he has a common bond with both. Mr. Zuckerberg haven taken idiots to the cleaners with his pathetic stock offering of a site that will be history in 10 years is so rich he has nothing better to do then SOCIAL ENGINEER Americans lives. He is of course not alone, there are many like him who become so extremely rich like Michael Bloomberg and will never live under the rules they set for us “rubes” that they just keep shoveling it at us. You see what we have here is a failure to communicate to the elites that We The People have had more then enough. We will not sit idly by while they turn us into some freakish Euro-utopian society. It isn’t working for Europe and for a free and armed people it won’t work for us. To allow 20M illegals to suddenly become citizens with all the welfare that entails is beyond the pale. We shut down the phones with our disgust at President Bush and Senate Republicans in 2007 and we will damn sight show up in Washington, DC to shut down the city to stop this egregious act.

The most disgusting display of elitism has come from TEA Party backed Republicans Marco Rubio and Rand Paul who both said NO TO AMNESTY when running for office and flip flopped like a good little GOP soldier once elected. They both have designs on the White House, hell they both better pray they win their Senate seats again. Enough is enough, this is America, home of the free and protected by the brave. We don’t allow rewards for doing illegal acts and coming into the Country of America without papers is ILLEGAL. So if all these elites who think they are better then we think that we will lay down and take it, they are wrong. There are elections coming up and there is no time like 2014 to start purging more Republicans while defeating Democrats at the ballot box on election day. Those 20M won’t get to vote for a while but We The People will be there on election day 2014. So Republicans posing as conservatives get ready to rumble Independent Equals Leftist In Sheep’s Clothing

The tech guru is exploring a SuperPAC to push the issues and has already poured in millions of his personal fortune, the San Francisco Chronicle originally reported.

The independent expenditure group is expected to focus mainly on immigration reform, and making it easier for international talent to work in the U.S.

According to Politico, the group also seeks to support reform that would allow undocumented immigrants achieve a path to American citizenship, a move that they believe supports a robust economy and strengthens the nation.

Sources told the Chronicle that the independent expenditure group was initially formed to Zuckerberg’s former Harvard roommate, Joe Green.

Green declined comment because the group is in early stages.

So big issues that would destroy America as the Republic she is, such as ILLEGALS getting AMNESTY, 2nd Amendment Control of which Lindsay Graham a Republican who is another Chris Christie is signing onto and of course the debt which is just forcing our children in debt are all reasons to get up and take America back on election day 2014. Remember my friends just because they have an R after their name does not make them an opposition candidate to the Democrat!

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