Nuancing the Nazis

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The lengths to which some will go, including some who you think would know better, to ingratiate themselves with their Statist masters and offer themselves as facilitators for their evil propagandistic and utilitarian mind control schemes is sometimes breathtaking.  Sometimes  … literally …..breathtaking.  It has happened in history and it can, and is, happening here.

The Nazis were a really complicated lot and it would be unwise to pigeonhole them as gungrabbers per se, as many of you bitter clingers are wont to do.  They had a lot of irons in the fire, with complex operations and, uh,  nationhood fostering and such and those of you wanting to maintain your rights of self defense had better start questioning whether, in the long run, it’s really worth it to bring up the Hitlerian fads of the twenties and thirties.  And possibly whether, if you’re not Jewish, you even have any skin in the game.  At any rate, injecting the Nazis into the debate is soooo boorish of you.

Those are the propositions offered for your reading pleasure by the enterprising Adam Geller, of  Associated Press fame (who we assume is  no relation to the exquisite Pamela Geller, of Atlas Shrugged fame).  Now, AP writers are a dime a dozen, and AP writers who are nothing more than useful idiot tools of those seeking to impose tyrannical rules of order upon the Land of the Free are also a dime a dozen.  What perturbs is that these New Age, New History scribes can, with a flick of the wrist and the click of a mouse, dredge up “experts” and so-called authoritative sources to buttress their plaintive advertisements to the masses that it would be in their best interest to quietly accept their fate.

What follows are two items the resourceful Adam Geller has served up, first from a person from  the Anti-Defamation League and then from a reputed “scholar” and author with a personal relationship to The Holocaust.

The comparisons recently prompted the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish civil rights group, to call on critics of gun control to keep Hitler and the Nazis out of the debate.

The rhetoric “is such an absurdity and so offensive and just undermines any real understanding of what the Holocaust was about,” said Ken Jacobson, the ADL’s deputy national director. “If they do believe it, they’re making no serious examination of what the Nazi regime was about.”

That was a fellow named Ken Jacobson.  How dare you gun rights activists talk about Nazis, says he.


Just shut up about Hitler, says the “offended” Jacobson. Incredible. Not only that it is impermissible in his view to borrow the name of an icon of evil to describe an evil presenting itself to us in the present tense. (Apparently the ADL guy thinks he has dibs on evilness branding.) But also that he has the gall to criticize the descendants (mainly) of hundreds of thousands of Americans who gave their lives to go to Europe and eradicate that evil and save what was left of the Jewish and other “ethnic” populations.


And then, the piece de non-resistance:

Paulsson said it is possible that if Polish Jews had limited their resistance, Nazi troops might not have destroyed the ghetto, allowing more to survive in hiding or escape. When armed Jews shot at mobs or troops at other times in 1930s and 1940s Poland, it incited more vicious counterattacks, he said.
“Once the Germans began adopting that strategy there really wasn’t very much that people armed with pistols, or even rifles and machineguns, could do,” said Paulsson, the historian and author of “Secret City: The Hidden Jews of Warsaw.”

That was a fellow named Gunnar S. Paulsson, also known as “Steve” Paulsson.  He counsels running and hiding and ….hoping for the best.  Fortunately for him, his mother survived Auschwitz.


As noted above, there is no shortage of utilitarian hack writers among the news services in this country. Also, it’s not uncommon to find, even among the Jewish population and among the descendants of Holocaust victims and survivors the “It can’t happen here!” and the “Bygones are bygones.” and the “If only we remain docile, we’ll be safe.” advocates. But though opposing viewpoints are presented in the story, it is the lede, it is the theme, it is the contextual fabric that is paramount and pronounced and emphasized. And it is a horrible, awful thing.

Whether it was the Warsaw Ghetto, or German cities or in other conquered territories, the notion that the victims of Nazism could have lessened or avoided their fate by not getting on their high horses and fighting back, that even if they had been armed, the “complicated” and “complex mission” of their tormentors would have won the day in the end, is a vile and despicable summons to present generations to learn from history by submitting to tyranny.  It is blaming the victim and it is an insult to the murdered millions.

That the Associated Press would deign to offer such insult to the memory of not only the Holocaust survivors but the tens and tens of millions of others who suffered,  fought and died  for two decades is bad enough. And that they and the useful idiots from the ADL and “academia” are able to sit in the lounge and profess that appeasement and cowering would have spared the world one iota the horrors it witnessed is an outrage.
Whether it’s appeasement by nations or appeasement by local populations, the idea that not standing up to tyranny has any redeeming quality whatsoever is repugnant.

That they will go to this extreme now, at this time and in this circumstance and in this political environment is confirmation that what many have argued about the fascist nature of the Socialist Progressives’ pursuits in America and abroad is all too true. It is evil. Evil will never be appeased.




The characters mentioned in the above post are but bit players in the entire corrupt campaign of lies, distortion, obfuscation and misrepresentation of history and truth being  foisted upon the American public by the unseen moving hands out there. Their organizations are the ones that should be targets for examination and exposure.  It is, as we said above, breathtaking that outfits associated with Jacobson and Paulsson, the Anti-Defamation League and the Holocaust Society, would aquiesce in some of these campaigns.  Of course, modern-day statist liberalism  is a terrible scourge and it infects heretofore righteous sects just as much as dens of iniquity.  But when they put themselves out there, they’re fair game.

Who really needs exposing and bringing to account are the “unseen hands” we speak of.  Media outlets and their hired guns who used to give themselves cover and plausible deniability are becoming more and more open in their taint and their excess.  We see it in the dissemination of news and information about “environmental issues”, “equality issues”, both social and economic, and of course the purely partisan political.  We had thought that when the infamous “JournOlist” was brought to light a few years back that the stench from it would be so odorous as to cause a wholesale re-examination of journalistic integrity throughout the land, from the Journalism Schools and the wealthy donors who fund them to the executive boardrooms of the media conglomerates.  At the very least, we had thought that there would be a mass shunning of the guilty parties by those on the right side of the equation.  We were disappointed.

And so what we find now is that it is up to us, the folk, to this point leaderless  and disorganized, to find ways of fighting back.  Because they are coming for our guns.  In fits and starts perhaps, but it is necessary for them to press on. The above example is only an illustration that they will leave nothing sacred in their terrible quest for domination.  The fundamental transformation of America continues.


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  1. bobmontgomery March 26th, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    In the above reference to Pamela Geller, I of course meant “Atlas Shrugs” and not “Atlas Shrugged”. Apologies to the institution of Ayn Rand. If anyone has an eraser….

  2. vassarbushmills March 27th, 2013 at 1:58 pm

    Paulsson is an academic fraud. It’s a good thing for him Leon Uris is dead. The Final Solution was hammered out as early as 1940. A Book, Hitler’s Secret Conversations, ed by Trevor-Roper, outlined how all this was done. The Jews rose up in Warsaw, in fall, 1942 AFTER 300,000 Jews had already been shipped off to Treblinka. If Paulsson hinting at a cause and effect, he a low-information historian at best. The jews who died in Warsaw fighting the Germans for approx 4 months in a running battle (German and Jewish histories vary) simply decided better to die with their boots on. A metaphor for our time.

  3. JadedByPolitics March 27th, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    They can whine and moan and bitch all they want about me equating #2ndAmendmentControl under Obama and Hitler taking guns from Germany’s populace but the TRUTH, that’s right the TRUTH will set We The People free!

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