(Not) Talking About Guns


This man is a Doctor of Philosophy.  He has been in education for forty years.  He is currently the Executive Director of the American Association of School Administrators.  His name is Dan Domenech.



This is what Dan had to say about what words and gestures are now not to be tolerated among America’s young children attending public schools:

Some school leaders say they must overreact rather than dismiss behavior that could lead to tragedies such as Newtown’s, according to Dan Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators.

“Parents have to be aware that talking about guns or using your fingers to point like a gun is no longer tolerable or prudent,” Domenech said. “Everybody has to adjust. Children are being brutalized and murdered in their classrooms. It’s a new world.”

Read that again and let it sink in. This Doctor of Philosophy is speaking as the head of a national organization which claims a membership of 13,000 educators and school officials when he says that children talking about guns can no longer be tolerated. Now, one doesn’t have to be a Doctor of Philosophy to know that “talking about guns” covers a whole big piece of ground. There are all kind of guns and there are all kinds of ways to talk about guns. There are even ways to talk about guns and not know you are talking about guns.  Casually mentioning the postal designation for Alaska (AK) or for Arkansas (AR) could result in  kindergarten put on lockdown and the brat being sent to reform school.

The statement made by the good Doctor of Philosophy is hysterical absurdism and not even worth rebutting or debating  the specifics of it.  Nor would it be possible to  list the countless interpretations of ‘talking about guns’ and he said/she said scenarios involving what little children prattle on about on the playground.    Compounding the lunatic babbling of the incompetent Executive Director of Association of Administrators is where he goes on to prohibit another mundane activity, described as “pointing your finger like a gun”.

Now, a gun doesn’t have fingers, but Director Domenech probably doesn’t know that. Perhaps he means “point your finger as you would point a gun” but some of these “points” he is making will have to be adjucated in a court somewhere, and we’re sure they will be some day. We assume he means extending ones index finger with the opposable thumb extended also, only at a 90-degree angle from the extended finger. However, if one were mimicking actually holding a gun, one would more reasonably not have the thumb cocked up in the air but wrapped around what would be the grip of the weapon. That would be infinitely more realistic. And that would be virtually indistinguishable from the act of merely pointing ones finger to indicate a direction….. or pointing ones finger to select a student in a classroom to give a recitation.

We could go on for some length here but we’re sure the ‘point’ has been made – Doctor of Philosophy Dan Domenech is a blooming idiot. And Dan and his buds have been educating your children and your grandchildren for forty years.

This post was not about the Right to Bear Arms, or the Right to Talk About Bearing Arms or even the Right to Talk About Arms. This post was about Doctors of Philosophy.



There has been a lot of talk about guns since the Newtown Massacre.  There has also been a lot of talk about mental illness.  There has been a lot of talk about….disturbed children and what disturbed children might do, thus spurring more talk about guns.

What there has been precious little talk about, either preceding Newtown or following it, is what things disturb children.  May we, who are not Doctors of Philosophy, suggest that it is entirely possible, in fact might well be predictable, that the act of harnessing not-yet-formed little children with ludicrous codes of conduct, codes of speech and even  codes of mannerisms,   and the resulting arbitrary,  discretionary and impossible- to- uniformly- enforce punishments, which are often disingenuously referred to as “zero-tolerance” policies, would so confuse, badger and intimidate growing children unable to comprehend a twisted philosophical approach to behavior control that a goodly number of them would be so disturbed as to likely  become social misfits, prone to lashing out .

Indeed,  the absurd punishments, sanctions being meted out to,  and defamatory  labels being placed on, barely literate elementary school kids,  involving humiliation, ridicule, shame and loss of association with their schoolmates, not to mention blots on their “records”,   cannot help but trend toward producing the modern-day juvenile delinquent and worse.  You have no doubt heard of these incidents in various “blue” districts around the country.  And that’s the dirty little secret that, if they had a clue,  the  Doctors of Philosophy out there surely wouldn’t want you to know.  They are, by venturing into the behavioral socio- political arena instead of doing what they were hired to do – teach –   guilty of producing social misfits, including the killing monsters of Newtown, Aurora, Tucson.

So, speaking of guns, they had better make sure their allies in government grab them all.


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Lady Penquin
March 8, 2013 8:35 am

“…harnessing not-yet-formed little children with ludicrous codes of conduct, codes of speech and even codes of mannerisms, and the resulting arbitrary, discretionary and impossible- to- uniformly- enforce punishments, which are often disingenuously referred to as “zero-tolerance” policies…” Of all the changes I’ve witnessed in this county over the past several decades, it’s the bizarre ones in our schools that really raise my blood pressure. Leftist indoctrination for power and control starts with the rearing of the children, and conformity and uniformity is how they can ultimately accomplish their goals. Worse than that, though, is the destruction of allowing children to… Read more »