White House Admits Obama’s Pants On Fire


President Barak Obama lied about the sequester. You knew that. Even you lefty statists knew but you assumed Obama would get away with it. Again.

Liberal Bob Woodward told you so, Joe Wilson tried to tell you Obama lies and now Obama economic adviser Gene Sperling has finally come clean. Still, even now the Obama lackeys are trying to spin their way out of Obama’s lie. I’d call it gall but really it is a total disrespect of the American people.

Watch as the truth comes out on “Meet the Depressed”:

America’s Santa Claus President is a liar. You can not spend your way to prosperity, but you can lie about it and lie about the sequester and lie about so much when America’s Fourth Estate sells out for popularity and their own political agenda.

If you still believe Obama, then sequester yourself and get some help. You should find 99% of the Malignant MSM there to help you adjust to reality. Here’s a tune to help you eat your crow..

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March 3, 2013 11:25 pm

He lies every day, only God knows how many Times. We’ve all come to expect it and would be shocked if he didn’t lie.