These Toys Are Not For Evil Children


Those of you who are BabyBoomers recall the Cold War and the attendant fears of a nuclear holocaust due to the proliferation of nuclear weapons as West and East,  represented chiefly by the US and the USSR, geared up their offensive  capabilities. The UK and France developed some capability, and later China, with Pakistan and India finally joining the nuclear club. It was theorized that if the US and it’s allies engaged in a shooting war with the Soviet bloc and nuclear weapons were used, it would become a full-on thermonuclear conflict, with thousands of nuclear weapons rained down from bombers and ballistic missiles, such that most of the major population centers of each side would be destroyed. It was popularly referred to as Mutual Assured Destruction, or MAD.

Of course nuclear weapons have only been used on two occasions in history, and those occasions of their use by the United States against the Japanese Empire in WWII served both to end the multi-nation conflict started by the Japanese warmongers and as the benchmark and talking points for all future discussion and consideration of their application, as well as graphic examples of their consequence.












The decision to employ atomic weapons was not made rashly, nor to impress anyone of the stature or importance of the United States, only with it’s resolve.   The U.S. by that time was the most powerful and prestigious nation on Earth, and one regarded by the overwhelming majority of countries around the world as a force for good, for peace, for justice and for the freedom and self-determination of peoples.  The decision was made  to end the slaughter and carnage that had gone on for so long and to ultimately save a greater number of lives.


When the Soviet Union fell, due to the diligence of Ronald Wilson Reagan and Lady Margaret Thatcher and the perseverance of American and British patriots both civilian and military, the world breathed a sigh of relief. As well as Eastern Europe being liberated, civilization was liberated from the threat of Mutual Assured Destruction. Nuclear non-proliferation treaties had been in vogue even before the fall of the USSR, and afterward it was assumed that there would be no need for such massive arsenals to be held by any country, except the US as the world’s policeman and lone superpower. Various United Nations protocols were developed prohibiting new nations, especially third-world nations and most especially those nations condemned as exporters of terrorism, from developing or acquiring nuclear weapons.

Arguably the two worst of the “rogue nations”, those included in GW Bush’s “Axis of Evil” are on the cusp of acquiring nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. This development is an abomination. It is the single most important development in international affairs since Boris Yeltsin, despite his shortcomings, delivered Russia out of the hands of the Communist Party and propelled it toward a reconciliation with the family of nations. What is happening with the nuclear arming of the evil regimes of North Korea and Iran, who by the way are cooperating with each other in technology and material support, is  more dangerous in the immediate sense than the threat of Islamic Jihad, bad as we all understand that to be.  And we understand that to be a New Cold War occasionally going Hot and requiring bloodshed.

Experts say North Korea’s successful detonation of a miniaturized nuclear device is concerning because it indicates the country may be getting closer to the ability to put a nuclear device on a missile.

North Korea drew worldwide condemnation Tuesday after it announced it had successfully conducted its third nuclear test, in direct defiance to U.N. Security Council orders to shut down its atomic activity or face more sanctions and international isolation.

The Security Council held an emergency meeting after the test on Tuesday morning and pledged further action.

North Korea and Iran are ruled by mad men. That is not a clinical diagnosis and it doesn’t need to be. They are insanely bent on demonstrating to the world, particularly the Western world, that their brutal, dictatorial, oppressive and agressive manner of conducting themselves and of dealing with their neighbors as well as their own citizens will not be stifled by outside forces. To that end, they justify in their own minds the development of weapons of mass destruction, ostensibly to stake their claim as world powers with the same right to nuclear arms as the major nations, the “players”. What makes them insane is their belief that their actions will lead to any semblance of respect or accommodation by the civilized world. They will receive no propers because they will not change their evil natures or the nature of their regimes. They are not India, with a history of democratic governance, nor Pakistan, with at least a semblance of governance by law. They are outlaws and will be so until their populations rise up to destroy them, or until The West shall awaken to the reality of the situation and deal with it in a mature and forceful manner.

What do insane, evil ones do when they don’t get the respect they seek, when they don’t get their way, when they are snubbed, ostracized and criticized? They lash out. They make a statement. They “prove” something. And therein lies the danger. Both Iran and North Korea, at least in their twisted logic, have something to prove. Iran intends to show the world that the Islamic Caliphate, as interpreted by Iran’s ruling caste of mullahs, is an unstoppable movement. Whether it does so in part by eliminating the Nation of Israel or blasting one or more of it’s Arabic neighbors not so inclined to world domination, Iran has a mission.

Likewise North Korea, unable to establish an economy or support it’s population without the charity of China and various religious and altruistic organizations around the world, wants at a minimum South Korea and probably Japan while they’re at it. North Korea needs to prove something to Seoul and Tokyo, if not their US ‘Big Brother’.

These are dangerous, dangerous times. Though the rogue nations are not ultimately capable of bringing down the US, or even France for that matter, and there is not the specter of thousands of ICBM’s negotiating past each other on their way across the Atlantic or Pacific, still,  millions of lives hang in the balance.  And the lack of adult supervision is glaring.

We are somewhat confident that one of the few remaining adults on the scene in terms of international responsibility, Benjamin Netanyahu, will with his compatriots engage in the matter of the brats up in Tehran and their “toys”.   The Israelis kept the Middle East safe, or relatively so,  for living things back in the early 80’s by destroying Iraq’s nuclear installations.  The job this time will be many degrees more difficult, but our friends over there have been left with no choice but to go it alone and they always somehow get the job done.

We are many orders of magnitude less confident that the titular head of the US regime, Barack Obama, will do what needs to be done in the case of the lunatics in Pyongyang.  However, if there are still any in the military/national security apparatus with enough gravitas to appreciate the seriousness of the situation, and enough imagination and wherewithal to force the issue,  the Obstacle that is Obama could be gotten around.  International incidents necessitating a response in relatively short order have been known to occur before in history.

There is a Parallel that desperately needs to be crossed,  if any of you history buffs get my drift.


>>Non-proliferation means…..NON-PROLIFERATION<<



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February 14, 2013 10:49 am

Nicely written Bob! The more time goes by, the more convinced I am that the current administration not only doesn’t see the onrushing disasters, but doesn’t even really care. He simply asserts Iran can’t have nukes and that NoKo will be more isolated and then turns his attention to the urgent need to raise the minimum wage. If pressed, perhaps send Madams Clinton or Albright to have a cocktail with the child ruler in Pyongyang, yeah, that’s the ticket! Now, maybe a short vacation to work on those upcoming bracket picks for ESPN…