Arnold S. Trebach, We Feel Your Pain

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As we read the plaintive cry from Arnold Trebach at The American Spectator on the state of the Union, then the scathing comments about what he wrote, we felt a bit of sympathy for him.  Mr. Trebach is not a young man and his explanation of his disillusionment with the fascist/statist/racialist agenda of Obama and his administration was met with attacks from some on the right on his liberal ideologic history and apparent willing suspension of disbelief for lo these many years about the purpose of the Socialist Progressive movement.  He thought, or so he says, of himself as having an epiphany of sorts soon after the ascension of Barack Obama and especially, critically so, after the events surrounding the Department of Justice’s refusal to pursue the New Black Panther Party over the Philadelphia Incident.  But there was a lot of righteous scoffing indignation from The Right at this JohnnyComeLately crying the blues over what his liberal friends have foisted on America.

Please read Mr. Trebach’s initial piece, enough of the comments to get a flavor of the unsympathetic bent many have toward him, and his follow-on response to those criticisms.  Then reflect on the angst that many of us do ourselves feel about the State of the Union, our own despair that there will be a meaningful revival of traditional American rights and freedoms , let alone economic prosperity, anytime soon.  Finally, ask yourselves if there is any common ground, any useful dialogue, any possible alliances between us who consider ourselves traditional, constitutional conservatives and those who have considered themselves traditional, old school liberals, like Trebach.  For as we noted the other day, we need allies. Especially since many we thought were on our side have disappointed us of late.

We may mock the Trebachs of the world for their foolish (in our eyes) past political stances and support for people and propositions on the other side of the aisle.  But whether their horror at what happened in Philadelphia in November of 2008, with consequence to the perpetrators to be so slight as to be meaningless, indeed almost congratulatory on the part of Eric Holder and Company, translate into a repudiation of the left-wing ascendancy in American politics the past 50 years or not, should we reject their offerings out of hand?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  Many of us adore the former lefty named David Horowitz.  Granted, his conversion seems pretty well total.  But he hasn’t brought a lot of liberal apostates over with him.  One would have thought that after the Panthers got off scot-free, more eyes would have been opened, more hearts and minds could have been won.  Nevertheless, Horowitz keeps plugging away at exposing the leftist agenda and tactics in all areas. As do former DOJ and Civil Rights Commission officials like J. Christian Adams and Peter Kirsanow.   Arnold Trebach at least sounds sincere that he is in repudiation mode and dedicated to doing what he can to correct some things.  What he can contribute or what kind of following he can generate is unknown, but Jon Huntsman sure isn’t doing much for us these days.

As we understand Trebach’s anxiety at the less-than-warm reception he appears to be receiving, at least from the usual suspects at Spectator, we hope he will understand that, like many in the minority community he has championed through the decades who maintain  a skepticism about the sincerity and motivation of many in the white community, there is today a certain justified resentment on the part of rightists who have endured the weight of Big Liberal Government ( today’s “The Man”) and chafe at the notion that they should be  grateful that someone from the other side professes to now understand their concerns.

On the other hand, the hotheads on our side of the equation, even the thinking hotheads we sometimes categorize ourselves as,  would do well to remember some historical alliances such as the one maintained with Soviet Russia during World War II.  There was a clear and present danger then, as there is now.  This time it’s up close and so very personal.

“……………all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

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5 responses to Arnold S. Trebach, We Feel Your Pain

  1. Lady Penquin January 17th, 2013 at 9:25 am

    Haven’t read the latest Spectator yet, Bob. I get the print copy so will see it soon. But you raise a good point. I like to welcome those who have had their eyes opened, but it’s understandable that many from our side would be frustrated at such late awakening when so much damage has been done. Pretty soon the lines will be drawn and there may be others like Mr. Trebach who have an epiphany (or not).

    Too many intellectuals/academics are ensconced in their bubbles, many by choice I’m afraid, so not much hope. Their worldview is pretty set and it conflicts with traditional America’s core foundation.

    He may be clearing his conscience in these end-days and is certainly welcome to the fold; we have to take them as we can get them…

  2. E Pluribus Unum January 17th, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Bob, what you ask is difficult, that is for sure. I just have a very hard time forgiving the so-called intellectual elite for a lifetime of cheering policies that any person with common sense would see are damaging to the country. When they partially but do not completely see the light, IMHO that just makes them that much more despicable.

    I think you are right, I think we SHOULD embrace these potential converts and allies. I just personally can’t do it.

    • bobmontgomery January 17th, 2013 at 3:07 pm

      I’m not gonna hug and kiss on any of ’em either, EPU. I don’t even know if the Trebachs are useful. I just feel that what happened with DOJ was so over-the-top, some of these types may be amenable to a coup. It must have been quite shocking to see the US Civil Rights Commission receive it’s comeuppance not at the hands of Southern rednecks but of black Socialists and liberation theologists.

  3. vassarbushmills January 17th, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    Never turn your back on a sinner at the altar of redemption. Trebach seems sincere, and smart enough to know when he done wrong by supporting Obama. He is not a low-information voter. That’s why AS ran his essay in the first place. Christian outreach

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