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When you’ve tried most everything and nothing’s taking you higher.
When you come to realize you’ve been playing with fire.
Hear me when I say to you, “It’s really down to your heart”. *

And some people have very dark hearts.


You don’t “need” a 30-round magazine for your firearm, or a 20-round, nor a 10. Five are enough, because you’re not a soldier, police officer or federal government law enforcement agent, so hand over all those magazines…… Plus…… Big black rifles and anything you don’t have to reload after a single round is fired are scary and evil-looking, so you can’t have them anymore either…… Hand those over too…… Okay, thanks. See you in a few days.

Wait…… What do you mean by, “See you in a few days” ?

Don’t worry about it. You’re okay with not having those things, right ?

Yeah, I guess, but……

See you in a few days.


— — — —


Five days later……


You drive a pickup truck….. Are you a farmer ?, landscaper ?, rancher ?, construction worker ?…… No ?…… Then you don’t need it…… Give me your keys now…… C’mon, hand ’em over…… You have to buy a Volt…… Go to the dealer now.

But…… But…………

There’s no ‘but’ anything…… How many in your family ?…… You, your wife and your daughter, that’s three…… This is a five-bedroom home with a den, an office, an over-sized garage and it’s sitting on over two acres of land with an in-ground heated swimming pool and separate pool house with a guest apartment……You don’t need anything that big for three people…… Give me your keys now…… C’mon, hand ’em over.

Wait…… WHAT ?!?…… NO !…… This is my home !…… My wife and I bought this place by worki…………

What do you mean “no” ?….. Five days ago, the President of The United States decreed you can’t have a ‘high capacity magazine’ for your firearms and you were okay with that….. There was also a White House mandate barring civilians from owning semi-automatic firearms of any type or caliber and you were okay with that too.

Yesterday afternoon, the President of The United States signed an executive order stating that you can’t drive whatever make and model of vehicle you want to – that effective immediately, all civilian-owned vehicles must be fully “green” – and very early this morning, another executive order took effect with a regulation that you can’t live in a ‘large’ house if you have a ‘small’ family.

Hold on a second !…… We voted for President Obama (PBUH) !…… He promised that nothi…………

What’s the problem ?…… You were told well in advance what this administration was going to do – They said it themselves – “Fundamentally transform America”…… Yet you still campaigned for them and voted for them – Twice…………

Yes we worked for hope !…… Yes we campaigned for change !…… Yes we can !…… Why is this happening to us ?

Look, it’s simple. You have too much and some people have nothing.

But…… But…… It’s Bush’s fault !…… Everything was supposed to go our way…… It was all set…… Both elections were ri……… President Obama (PBUH) guaranteed things woul…………

Enough of the hope and change whining and hand over the two sets of keys, or I walk out of the way and representatives from DHS – that’s the fifteen heavily armed women and men behind me – they’ll take the keys from you by any means necessary. You see, there’s this thing called NDAA and according to the law you wanted, you now dissenting regarding decisions of the Obama administration makes you a threat to national security, so…………

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As for the “Parallels” above.

Don’t worry.

It can’t happen here.


No hesitation when we’re all about to build a shining tower.
No explanations, need to work it out.
You know we’ve got the power. *




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Originally posted at Israel Survival Updates on 16 January 2013.

* Yes – “Parallels” – ©1977 WEA Entertainment.

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  1. bobmontgomery January 17th, 2013 at 11:54 am

    And of course, the ever-popular (this is almost verbatim) declarative statement from Barack Obama: “At some point, you’ve made enough money.”
    Whatever professions of 2009,2010 that “We had no idea!” might have been, by 2011, the fact that the House of Representatives did not shut down the government and did not get rid of Eric Holder was a green light for all that you describe. It just takes time for them to get their ducks in a row, Article One of the Constitution is moot.

  2. LadyImpactOhio January 17th, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    Yep. We are seeing things unfold here I never thought I would see in this country. I have a friend who emigrated here from Bulgaria during the communist regime and is beside himself because he sees the same things occurring here he saw in Bulgaria.

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