The Press and President F(L)UBAR


I go to church Sunday, leaving my better half to nurse a bum knee. On the way, I hear again on the radio that the flu is approaching epidemic numbers and that the flu vaccine is in short supply according to “federal health officials.”

I get to church early but our Sunday afternnon Mass is attended by a mostly last minute crowd. Finally, with a just a couple of minutes to go, the chapel is packed and dozens are standing. There’s one empty seat I can see and it just happens to be . . . by me. So a young North Texas coed comes over and sits down. No problem, except she has the sniffles. Uh, oh.

Anyways, they start the announcements and number one is, due to the flu outbreak, for communion we are told we will not be sharing the blood of Christ. This Sunday we will perform only half the sacred handshake. This news is greeted by my seat-mate with loud sneezes and a nasty cough. Uh, oh.

I skipped out of Mass a little early and stopped by the men’s room to wash the skin off my face and hands. It was a two for one. . . trying to wash away the germs and my un-Christian thoughts. I remember the five days of misery my daughter just went through with her flu-bug. More soap and more hot water. Suddenly, I could swear I am getting a funny tickle in my throat. Uh, oh.

A couple hours later, after a dose of Vitamin C, I concluded I was imagining my symptoms. Something clicks and I recall we had a bad flu season in 2009 and one before that in 2004, both accompanied by shortages of flu vaccines. Then it comes to me that in the the 2004 vaccine shortage, the media and the Democrats beat then President George Bush to death, blaming him for the shortage. His Democrat opponent in 2004, John Kerry, even ran a campaign commercial about the incompetence of Bush causing the shortage.

President FLUBAR. President Obama. Two vaccine shortages on his watch, an extra $5 trillion in debt and Obama sends up a trial balloon about WTH, a trillion dollar platinum coin. Joke, tragedy, joke.

Is there anybody out there?

Repeat after me: Obama has their peckers in his pocket.

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Lady Penquin
January 15, 2013 7:52 pm

Been thinking that all along…I remember how the headlines, every day, blasted Pres. Bush for all things flu and vaccine issues. Been watching and waiting for any connection with politicians and flu/vaccine issues now – what do we hear? Crickets. If we don’t get some input on the daily headlines that still scream at the populace and do its damage, we’ll never win. Never. The lefties’ malignant media essentially crucified Bush – and it was nothing more than a political weapon used to destroy him. I have uncharitable thoughts about the Left/Dems, more and more as I’ve discovered how evil… Read more »

January 15, 2013 9:24 pm

While appreciating how severe (I guess) the flu outbreak is, I’m amused by the conflicting news reports locally. Over the weekend, the ‘peak’ of the episode was forecast for next month or even later. Last night, ‘experts’ feel the worst is over now. WTF? Be sure to get your flu shot, it’s critically important, but we’re out of vaccine? WTF? Also, this year’s vaccine is a ‘good match’ for the current flu strain (Saturday); Monday, it’s not a good match. Please, someone, make up my mind!

January 15, 2013 10:37 pm

This whole issue really comes down to a gamble. The flu vaccine is very expensive for the manufacturers. There has to be a last minute study and decision as to what strain of thousands of flu viruses will be the one to attack. Then it is a last minute scramble to manufacture your best guess, based on studies, millions of doses in a short amount of time. There just isn’t always enough time to get the required doses containing the strain you are gambling to hit before it does hit. Many flu manufacturers have called it quits because of the… Read more »

January 16, 2013 11:16 am

The Centers for DISEASE Control for several years spent millions and millions of dollars studying and reporting on ‘gun violence’ until a few in Congress wised up and specifically stopped the funding. How awake do you have to be to understand that it’s not the Centers for INJURY Control or even the Centers for DEATH Control and certainly not the Centers for INANIMATE OBJECTS Control? Yet this went on for years. And it’s not like this was some obscure agency operating in the shadows somewhere, it was the freaking CDC that’s constantly in the news. Johnny can’t read because his… Read more »