For all Good Citizens to come to the aid of this Nation.

For the rest of those residing here, sucking the life’s blood and future Time’s UP

Many have come to the realization that our elected officials, some, not all, are aiding and abetting violations of the laws they swore on a Bible to adhere and uphold. That WE THE PEOPLE do not know how to govern ourselves, take care of anything in our daily lives and require looking after by those in power.

In times past if an elected official were found guilty of theft or malfeasance, they were either tarred and feathered, run out of town after being tarred and feathered, tossed in prison, or in some cases, danced a jig at the end of a rope.

Since we are supposedly more enlightened these days, what happens? Not much of anything it seems.
We have had to deal with stolen elections, stolen funds, wholesale character destruction of anyone that tries to clean the avarice, gluttony, sloth plus lascivious, lewd or licentious behavior up in the various local, state and federal governments.

Some local, county and state Citizens have taken a stand and said ENOUGH! Changes were made in the way business was conducted and things improved. Other places, not so much. Greed and sloth are the rule of law. Those who make a living out of taking from those who produce, continue to covet more and more just like an addict covets drugs or alcohol.

At what point will the rest of the Nation say ENOUGH?

Lord, is it time yet?

I am stone forged from the fires of creation into flesh.