Maybe not a replacement for #TCOT (Top Conservatives on Twitter), but rather in addition to, and in defense of, that original concept.

First, some history of #TCOT, you can go there and come back or check it out later.

Today Todd Kincannon had a good idea to prevent conservatives on Twitter from constantly being attacked by leftists and tossed into “Twitter Gulag.” Twitter, to keep the spam to a relative minimum, suspends first and asks questions later. Actually, they don’t ask questions at all, it’s up to the person suspended to appeal the suspension, and there’s no guarantee the leftists won’t simply mark you as a spammer again and cause you to have to go through the appeals once more:

Although it has not happened to a great degree some account have been completely banned from Twitter because they were suspended so many times.  Not an account disobeying Twitter rules, but an account attacked and ruined because automated leftist run accounts suspended it time after time.

As mentioned earlier there are a variety of people responsible for these suspensions. They come from different liberal groups who support leftist ideals. Most are loosely (a few closely) united with the goal to silence opposition. Some conservatives on Twitter would suggest that there is a deeper reason for these suspensions. The leftists certainly do not hurt Obama and his administration with their actions– quite the opposite and it is likely that this is at the heart of this.

But it goes beyond the suspension of relatively obscure conservatives on Twitter sharing their personal views. There is an agenda. The entire purpose is to silence anyone who does not laud what is deemed ‘politically correct’ and is not supportive of the current Obama administration. Recently we have learned of other ways liberals are seeking to silence alternative new media. Red State’s Erick Erickson and other bloggers received surprise visits from law enforcement after being falsely reported for committing violent crimes.  Someone (believed to be the same person in each case and likely to be instigated by Brett Kimberlin Bomber turned left-wing activist) called 911 impersonating the particular blogger claiming he had killed his wife.  The SWAT team then shows up at the family’s home.  Of course this was illegal and could easily have led to the death of a family member in one of those households. Quite a dirty trick which shows how the leftists are playing this year: win at all odds, forget the means and casualties.

So what did Todd do to combat this? He had an idea:

The original TCOT kind of fell apart over egos, but is still used daily to disseminate information between conservatives who use Twitter. The TCOT website is still up and running, too. You can go there and see most of the original TCOT bunch, arranged by follower count.

What I’ve learned over the last several years, though, is your sheer number of followers means nothing, except as a way to keep from getting “Gulaged” by leftists marking you as a spammer. Once you get over 1,000 active followers, you Twitter Home Feed starts moving so fast (on Tweetdeck anyway) you can’t follow it anymore. And what good are followers if some are spammers or leftists who can DM you with malware links or lib vitriol?

Quality matters, I think, so I read the bios and the first few tweets before following back. SEO gurus and schmucks, I ignore and eventually they go away. If they get obnoxious, I block ’em. I NEVER  mark lib trolls as spammers, unless they actually do start spamming, I don’t like the idea of buggering up the anti-spam system. You can do what you want, but blocking is more than enough for me.

To join the Twitter Gulag Defense Network, click on the #TGDN search or just go to Twitter and search for “#TGDN, then just send the tweet “Join #TGDN.” That simple. Then read bios, follow a few, and follow back those that follow you that aren’t spammers, pornbots, or leftist trolls.

UPDATE: Here is the list Todd Kincannon created.

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