Wonderland – The United States of Taxmania

No, not the snow outside… this Alice thing we’re in.
We sit here and let our elected reps. jawbone about fiscal cliffs and top marginal rates and capital gains while we have this nightmare Obama care thing festering, which every last one of them promised to repeal.
I cannot understand how grown, supposedly sane people can continue to keep up the pretense of representing the people of the United States by engaging in civil debate over craziness such as attempting to steer 310million individual Americans through …..life…… and such esoteric concepts as “fiscal cliffs” and “revenue” and the totally unfathomable (to the common American) concept of a “national debt ceiling”, or even “budget deficit.”
You are an individual, and Barack Obama and John Roberts ordered you to provide proof of health insurance.  So you become gainfully employed, to avoid a ….TAX.
  So then, either your employer keeps you and all your pre-existing conditions, or pays the government a TAX so he doesn’t have to provide you with insurance.  Now both you and your employer are paying a TAX, and you still don’t have health insurance.

On the other hand,   supposedly employers who go the extra mile and provide really top-of-the-line health insurance for their employees, are TAXED under Obamacare for doing this for their employees (because it’s better than what Medicaid recipients would get and thus unfair, I presume).  Now we are being told that in addition to your employer being taxed for providing too good a plan, there is consideration being given, or it’s already in the law, or Sebelius can do it if she wants to, hell, who knows anymore, THAT YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL WILL BE TAXED FOR YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE AS THOUGH IT WERE ORDINARY INCOME!.

You and your employer are taxed if you don’t have health insurance, OR, you and your employer are taxed if you DO have health insurance
Besides Justice Roberts, how brain-dead does the entire political and legal profession in this country have to be not to be able to stop this madness?  I didn’t read all the briefs and all the opinions filed in all the courts by the 26 or 27 States opposing Obamacare but how many letters do you have to have after your name to be able to construct an argument exposing the rank hypocrisy, and thus not only unworkability but blatant perversion of the notion of “affordable” health care in the first place?  In addition to that, how eloquent do you have to be as a public speaker, or how resourceful do you have to be as a political organization or an advocacy group to be able to explain the simple concept to the American people that you are TAXED IF YOU DO AND TAXED IF YOU DON’T?
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Lady Penquin
December 26, 2012 6:27 pm

We heard all these things over the past two years, at least those of us who cared enough to pay attention. This law is a travesty against common sense and reason – but I think you’re right, it was all about making sure everyone had only a Medicaid quality of care. Low indeed. Irony though: those who depend on Medicaid for care will find that level going down – fast. Also holds true for Medicare. So all those people who voted because Obama “cares” are going to quickly find out how little that is worth. The greater sin is the… Read more »

December 27, 2012 7:50 pm

I feel 2014 will be a banner year for the Senate, not for the GOP but for the TEA Party, I believe it will become necessary to let the GOP know that we will let a Democrat win if necessary and take out an oldtimer go along get along GOP Senator, but it won’t be necessary because Americans are going to be so damn sick of their paltry paychecks by 2014 they will be throwing those Senators of the Democrat persuasion out on their rich disgusting egotistical rumps, so conservatism will be COOL in 2014.