SEIU’s demands endanger our elderly in nursing homes


This is absolutely appalling. Big Labor goes on strike, demands their jobs back and endangers our elderly.

Problems arose in Connecticut last year when members of SEIU working for Heathbridge Management attempted to negotiate a new contract with SEIU, where their members worked at five of their nursing homes. The workers demanded the company contribute more to their pension programs and also wanted free healthcare for their families. The company said if they did so it might force them out of business. After a copious number of failed negotiations the workers went on strike July 3, 2012.

But never doubt that Big Labor can sink to new lows as they took “reprehensible” to a new level.

Union members wreaked havoc as they left. Some reportedly scrambled or removed the identification of elderly residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s, even though patients could have died from receiving the wrong drugs, food, or medical procedures. Reports to the Connecticut Department of Health indicate that someone had tampered with mechanical lifts by dismantling and hiding a critical structural component. Elderly patients could easily have fallen off the lifts to their death.

The threats are ongoing and the SEIU’s Big Boys? Of course they think it’s only fair that every worker be rehired.

Despite union members’ reprehensible behavior, the SEIU went to bat for its workers. The union took the case to the National Labor Relations Board, which then sought to force Healthbridge to rehire all 600 striking SEIU members regardless of their behavior.

In spite of the protests of anyone who knows about the situation, a judge ruled in favor of the unions. And even further, a stay was given earlier this week, but the stakes are higher than ever:

Regardless, on December 11, Judge Robert Chatigny ruled in favor of the unions, ignoring the plight of the defenseless elderly and the new hires. Healthbridge is appealing the decision and was granted a temporary stay on December 17, but if it loses, it will have to fire all 600 replacement workers to make room for the SEIU walk-outs. Meanwhile, many residents and their families say the new workers are far superior to the old, unionized ones.

Investigative reporter Zach Janowski of the Yankee Institute summarized the appalling attitude of many of the workers:

We want something from this company, and these elderly people are less important than the things we want. Therefore, we’re going to put people in danger for the sake of trying to get more money and benefits.

If Big Labor gets its way, Heathbridge will have to fire its replacement workers, whom family members say are much better quality, and rehire the SEIU workers.

And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. The stakes are high for these patients, and such callous acts are hardly a rarity for striking union workers. With Big Labor’s cries of desperation coming out of Michigan, now is the perfect time to shine light on their true nature.

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December 21, 2012 9:44 pm

It would seem that the actions of the SEIU thugs amount to conspiracy to harm at-risk persons and the local prosecutors would be fully justified in proceeding with high-profile criminal actions against them. Should any patient suffer actual physical or mental harm, in addition to criminal charges, civil suits should be filed against individuals directly and indirectly responsible, such as Union officials, with damages sought high enough to cripple said union.