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I don’t know what it’s going to take, but somehow some vehicle must be found to confront and defeat this madness of regulatory mania.  It’s not just a question of getting the government off our backs, it’s that the long-term effects of this mindset hurts business people,customers and the community at large, ultimately the larger community – America.

There is so much wrong with what is contained in this article it’s not funny,  not the least of which are such constitutional questions as bills of attainder, equal protection under the law, et cetera.

An Indiana lawmaker wanted the state’s convenience stores to face tougher security requirements, especially if they’ve been victims of crime in the past.

Democratic Rep. Ed DeLaney planned to introduce legislation targeting stores that are open from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. when the General Assembly convenes in January. He said the bill was sparked by an October 2011 shooting that left a Village Pantry clerk with severe brain trauma

DeLaney told the Indianapolis Business Journal the bill would have two tiers of regulations. One would cover all convenience stores, and the second would apply tougher rules to those that have had previous crimes


Yeah!  That’s it!  If a business has been hit by crime, make it tougher for them to stay in business!

But also, the idiotic notion that putting a sign on the door saying there is only $50 in the cash register, when any moron knows convenience stores do thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars of business a day, is going to stop a determined criminal.  Then compounding the nonsense by saying that businesses have to protect themselves more during certain hours of the day than they do others, because, well, just because business owners are clueless dolts, I guess, or something.  Sure, just relax and goof off, Mr. Store Owner, between the hours of 2-5 p.m.  Nothing to worry about then.  Wonder if a Kodak Brownie would satisfy the security cam requirement?

The first set would cov­er all convenience stores and require them to have security cameras, drop safes or cash-manage­ment devices. It also man­dates that parking lots be lit, windows have clear views, entrances have height markers and that stores post notices saying that cash registers con­tain no more than $50.

The government will tell you how to handle your money. How to physically handle your money. Your money.

Height markers?  Height markers??  I don’t….I can’t ………..what????

Then we get into the complete micromanaging of the construction and staffing of the establishment, with bullet-proof cubicles, specified number of employees, the exact method of making transactions and other artificial constructs according to state regulations.
Stores that have a history of crimes that Indiana law describes as “offenses against the person,” such as robbery, assault or homicide, would have to choose one of five options from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.: have at least two employees working; install a bulletproof enclosure for employees; have a security guard on duty; lock the doors and conduct business through pass-throughs; or close during those hours.

They don’t even put bank tellers in bullet-proof cubicles.

And stupidly, targeting this second-tier proposed legislation specifically to “stores which have been victimized by robbery multiple times”  tells me, your friendly neighborhood robber, that I need to hit a store that’s never been hit before, and thus new targets of criminals are created by legislation.  Smart.  That’s really fair –  making targets of stores that haven’t been hit –  isn’t it?

There isn’t even a way to calculate the cost of all this to businesses, because even from one store to the next within a chain of stores, they do things a little bit differently and their surroundings are different, their access to police response is different.  So many variables.  But the ultimate insult is telling a business that if it does not comply with all the regulations between the hours of 11 pm and 5 am, it has to close.  Now we’re down to regulating store hours?

We could carry this on at some length.  You could add to the list of inanities and overreaches probably much more according to your own experiences and dealings.  No, the legislation will probably not get a vote….at least not real soon. Someday the governor, like the President, will just issue an edict. The point here is that we have reached the point in our society where ideas like this are proposed with a straight face, and often, FAR TOO OFTEN, by otherwise well-meaning people.  Again, it’s not just the overreach, it’s that in the long term it will cost the community because that convenience store is going to charge more  for that half-gallon of milk to pay for some idiot state legislator trying to micromanage it’s business.

Please, try to stop this.  But also try to find a way to get some sense back into the discussion and dissemination of ideas and social policy, in the schools, in the media, in our politics and our social circles.  This insanity is driving me insane.
What is most depressing about this whole episode is that this is Indiana.  This is not San Francisco or New York City.  This is the Heartland.  This is America.  When you’ve lost Indiana, you’ve lost America

p.s.  We all know what works.  What works is the store owner or manager standing behind the counter with a .38 on his hip.  Not only no expense, but no legislation required.  What politician will have the courage to stand up and say so?  I’m not holding my breath.



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