Are You as Stupid as a Teabagger?

Tipikle teebaggers

Ignorant, redneck teabaggers, don’t you just love to make fun of them? Of how stupid they are. How they never have an original thought. The way they believe everything that Rush Limbaugh and Fox News tell them and just parrot it back atcha? They don’t even know what they’re saying! One look at their slack jaws and vacant stares tells you everything you need to know.

If it’s true that Tea Partiers are stupid, then liberals have redefined “stupid” to mean “able to correctly answer basic questions about current events.” Pew Research asked 1,101 adults three simple questions about the fiscal cliff and found that only 23% answered all three questions correctly, while 45% answered one or none correctly.

Republicans fared better than Democrats and independents, but their results were still lackluster.

Republicans are more knowledgeable about the fiscal cliff than either Democrats or independents. Yet even among Republicans, only 30% got all three questions correct and 37% missed at least two. Among Democrats and independents, 19% and 22%, respectively, could answer all three questions correctly. Nearly half of Democrats (47%) and 44% of independents missed at least two items.

There was one ray of hope, however.

However, one group of Republicans stands out as particularly aware of the details of the fiscal cliff standoff: Tea Party supporters. Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who agree with the Tea Party, 48% correctly answered all three questions, and another 34% got two out of three correct. Republicans who disagree with the Tea Party or have no opinion about it score no higher than the national average on the subject of the fiscal cliff.

Maybe – just maybe – more people should be watching Fox and listening to Rush. So everyone can be as stupid as a teabagger.

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I think about things, then I write about them.
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I think about things, then I write about them.

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December 14, 2012 4:13 am

How could we not be the most educated, we have devoted our lives to saving a great Nation and by doing so we needed to learn the history of the past to stop it from repeating in the future, its all really quite simple. The leftists don’t like history because if people understand it to well they of course cannot do socialism/communism/Marxism again, as the people will know at the moment they understand that they will be cannon fodder for the government one day!

Kenny Solomon
Kenny Solomon
December 14, 2012 4:22 am

Here’s the best statistic I’ve ever encountered:

100% of polls ever taken show results the sponsor wants 100% of the time.