Friday, September 17, 2021
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A New Beginning

Today I have a cold. Started in my chest, worked up to my throat, my sinuses. I happen to be one of those girly-men who gets actually pretty ill when I get a cold, I avoid them like the plague, compulsively wash my hands, etc. It’s probably exacerbated by my less-than-optimal mood lately. But whatever, today I have a bad cold, so even though I need to do some chores, I found myself sitting here, surfing the Web, reading, looking around. Sometimes it’s funny what interesting ideas you encounter when you only have the strength to point and click for a couple hours.

In a comment thread over at American Thinker, RTurner recommended a Bill Whittle video on YouTube entitled ‘A New Beginning‘. I’ve watched some of Mr. Whittle’s Afterburner vids, and generally think well of him. So, since it was too early for either Limbaugh or a nap, I set aside nearly 90 minutes and took a gander.

I won’t try to summarize it here, it’s too lengthy; he spit-balls several interesting concepts throughout. I especially liked that he refused to do ANY analysis or criticism of the presidential election (he recorded this on 11/7/12), he just tossed out some ideas going forward. Although I felt he kind of was running out of steam in the last 10 minutes or so, the other time was very appealing. I intend to keep rolling his thoughts around in my head (once it clears) and may offer commentary later.

But for now, if you can schedule a bit over an hour of your time and your connection supports video, I suggest you tune in. Thought provoking and fairly down-to-earth, even uplifting. I think I can relate.


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