Saturday, September 25, 2021
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The Right To Work Harder

By now you have heard about the unions, parrotting Obama, saying people have no ‘right to work for less money’, and highlighted now in the context of Michigan’s ‘Right-To-Work’ law soon to be signed by Governor Rick Snyder.  But this item provides a bit of comic relief from the angry protests being stirred up by the left wing union bosses in Detroit:

Included in the article is the disclosure that the unions have agreed to work harder for NO MORE MONEY when the company wants them to.

The United Auto Workers union agreed to production flexibility, and the state of Michigan offered incentives to make the expansion happen, Detroit Diesel said in a statement.

How could the Union sell out it’s members like that?  Isn’t that the same as slavery?  Production flexibility is code for slavery isn’t it?  Work harder when the boss demands it?  What is the difference between “production flexibility” and “the right to work for less”?  Oh ….that’s right.  In the former, Obama and Trumpka still get to divy up the union dues.
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