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Days of Infamy from Pearl to Benghazi

FDR et al’s total victories vs Obama et al’s appeasement

Today, December 7, 1941, we remember the waking of a sleeping giant by megalomaniacs ruling the former Empire of Japan. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt  declared the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor that killed more Americans on their own soil than at any time since the War Between the States, until September 11, 2001. The pain of the infamous deaths of that day and the thousands that followed in WWII has eased with time, but also because the United States was led to total victory over the attackers of that day as well as Hitler’s NAZIs and Mussolini’s Fascists.

Sadly, soon after V-J (see above pic in Times Square) and V-E days, Uncle Joe Stalin was appeased and an Iron Curtain built enslaving Eastern Europe, the protestations of General Patton notwithstanding, thus ushering in an era of Republican ascendancy built on anti-Communism that disgraced Democratic Party eggheads and their Alger Hiss. But even the much-liked Republican Ike architect of total victory from D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge refused to affirm MacArthur’s returns in Korea.

JFK turned the tide against Soviet missiles in 13 days in Cuba but LBJ betrayed American troops in Vietnam before a Democratic Party Congress betrayed the Hmong while reversing Nixon’s gains there post-Watergate. It took a Republican Reagan to get USSR walls torn down after the next Democrat had publicly deemed fears of Communism inordinate before Afghanistan’s last invasion in the 20th Century.

Saddam is left in power lest a Republican H.W. be unable to boast of a coalition with Syria just before a peace dividend and Monica Lewinsky divert attention from al Qaeda and its progenitors in NYC, Somalia, Khobar Towers and African embassies.

Dubya avenges 9/11 and surges in Iraq, only to have victory in the latter  and progress in the former treated like Sandra’s Flukey used Obama rubber. Osama bin Laden is killed prompting angels to sing of al Qaeda’s demise. Nothing to see in Benghazi.

Persian Spring blooms but there are Mullahs that remain unbowed to. Nothing to see in the streets of Tehran. Hillary restores diplomacy with “moderate” Assads. Nothing to see in Damascus. Arab Springs with tweets in Cairo, as John McCain’s friend Hillary’s and Barack’s hooded “moderate” Muslim brothers and sisters go “democratic”, with Hamas ceasefires lest all their rockets get smashed, with a little moderate Sharia law on the side. But they were “elected”!

And Barack Obama killed Osama bin Laden? But Democrats, didn’t guns kill him, just as American gun culture killed a linebacker’s main squeeze last week?

Meanwhile a drastic sequester of the Arsenal of Democracy looms with former leaders of a less free world retired and their successor leading from behind while locking up movie producers and greeting caskets in Delaware.

Security requests of Hillary for weeks in Libya? More marines in Paris than Benghazi? Pleas for help for seven hours at the consulate? Nothing to see there post-Candy Crowley and America’s most infamous re-election and the only future total victory kisses in Times Square likely for the next four years would be those celebrating Chief Justice John Roberts’ next legacy ruling for haters of same-sex marriage in Georgetown.

Mike DeVine

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Mike gamecock DeVine
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