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Dear Bob Costas

You, sir, are a moron.

Honestly, how can you be wrong in so many ways? First off, you were apparently under the impression that millions of Americans were waiting breathlessly on the edge of their seats to hear your opinion on gun control.  WRONG! Years of yammering on about sports doesn’t make you an expert on 2nd Amendment rights. Obviously. And if someone is going to lecture me about maintaining perspective, it had best be someone who doesn’t make a living yammering on about sports.

Next, you appear to be under the impression that depriving law-abiding citizens of firearms will magically make all firearms disappear. WRONG! The thing about criminals is that – get this, it’s a revolutionary thought – they don’t mind breaking the law. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? In fact, in the first two years after handguns were banned in the U.K., crimes involving the use of a handgun were UP by 40%. And why not…it’s not as though the criminals were at any risk of being fired on themselves.

Last, you claim that if firearms were unavailable, Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins would be alive today. WRONG! Ace makes the case that a trained athlete can kill a woman with a knife. He doesn’t go quite far enough. It’s my thought that as a 6′2″, 228 pound athlete in the prime years of his NFL career, Jovan Belcher likely could have killed Kasandra Perkins with his bare hands.

Do you know what might have made a difference? If Kasandra Perkins had had a handgun of her own and been able to protect herself from an assailant of overwhelming strength. Maybe then her infant daughter would have, if not an intact family, at least a loving mother.

Three strikes, Bob. You’re out.


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