Piers Morgan mixes himself in our Constitution, finds himself reenacting the American Revolution


An NFL linebacker goes ballistic and murders his girlfriend in front of their child and the girlfriend’s mother, then the ass takes his own life. And oh by the way, the tool he used was a handgun.

Of course now the discussion has moved from the tragic murder and the idiot who committed it to the tool he chose to use. OJ used a knife, but this guy chose a handgun and thus the tool becomes the topic rather than the deed.

Bob Costas of NBC Sports took the trouble to rail against handguns during the halftime of NBC’s Sunday Night Football game, then Piers Morgan spouted off on Twitter agreeing with Costas and taking it a step further, explaining to Americans exactly what the US Constitution is really all about. But at that point, Morgan got schooled:



Carol Roth, whoever she is, just won the Revolutionary War again.


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Erick Brockway
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