Breaking An American Icon – Hostess Edition


Unions, the scourge of American business, and increasingly the scourge of all Americans, are slowly but surely are destroying all American Icons. There is no doubt when unions started they were necessary,but it is through the lens of time we get to see how corrupt and evil they have become. There isn’t a need for unions in the 21st century as everything they fought for is enshrined in federal and state legislation today. They only survive as a nemesis to the American taxpayer and the ability of businesses to actually get up and running. They destroy what they cannot consume, and ultimately they suck the very life out of America. Democrats are the unions patrons and in turn they are rewarded with millions upon millions of dollars, half of which would never be donated to a Democrat by the earner of those dollars. When a union, upon seeing the profit and loss statements of a company already in bankruptcy, decides there is room to demand more money – they have crossed the bridge to insanity. In the case of American Icon, Hostess, the union decided that no job was better than 8% cut in salary. The union decided to put 18,500 employees out of work to show their “strength.”

I know it won’t be Hostess that makes Americans turn on unions; it will be their local school systems and the demands of an out of control public union, but it shouldn’t have to be that way, it should be this moment. If not for the bought and paid for services of the State Run Media, known as ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Washington Post and New York Times this moment would be that moment. Sadly, it is due to the largess of the State Run Media that most Americans will view this as the fault of evil business. Mark Steyn And Hostess

Moral of the story:

Sadly, in many ways Hostess is now indicative of that just as insolvent larger corporation, the USA, whose insurmountable balance sheet liabilities will be the eventual catalyst for its collapse, but only once the Income Statement and the Cash Flow sheet join in. For now, the Fed provides the flow needed to avoid the day of reckoning, but everything ends eventually.

There were so many choices of write-ups for the ending of an American Icon that it was hard to pick a couple, because its so obvious the terrorism that unions push on companies that everyone with a conservative worldview had something to say. The Destruction Of An American Icon And The Crazy Communist “Workers”

Bigney said that when she visited workers outside the plant holding signs in Biddeford, most cars honked and drivers waved in support, while other people stopped by to donate food or firewood for the strikers warming their hands by barrel fires.

“Everyone can relate to the fact that the worker class is funding the investor class,” Bigney said. “People have been doing enough in terms of ‘shared sacrifice’ on the workers’ end, and now union members are saying, ‘We’ve given enough and we need to see some shared sacrifice by the corporation, too.’”

One of those people who stopped by with firewood was incoming state House Majority Leader Rep. Seth Berry, D-Bowdoinham.

“Unfortunately in the corporate world, it’s a race to the bottom, it’s about maximizing profits for those at the top,” he said. “When that happens, it’s important for the workers to stick together.”

Biddeford Mayor Alan Casavant said, “philosophically, I think the union wins” in the Hostess standoff.

“They’re saying to the world at large, ‘We deserve a working income. We work hard, we deserve a living wage, and we don’t just want to be pawns in a corporate game,’” he said. “There’s a philosophical victory. But in an economic sense, you’re walking a fine line, because all of a sudden you’re cast into a void of not knowing what tomorrow brings… Putting myself in their shoes, I’d be scared, because there’s so much uncertainty in this economy.”

There is a whole lot of crazy in that writeup in the local Maine paper, but as it is with all old, dead tree media, they are owned by the leftists too. It didn’t happen overnight and the solution won’t be quick either, but it must occur if America is to regain her strength. Even A Judge Cannot Make The Crazy Union See Reality

The renewed talks between Hostess and The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union came after the company declared last week that it would move to wind down its business and start selling off its assets in bankruptcy court. The company cited a crippling strike that was started on Nov. 9 by the union, which represents 30 percent of Hostess workers.

After making its case to liquidate on Monday, the bankruptcy court judge noted that the two sides hadn’t yet tried resolving their differences through private mediation. The judge noted that 18,000 jobs were on the line and urged the company and union to try to resolve their differences. Both sides agreed to hold mediation proceedings on Tuesday.

In a statement late Tuesday, Hostess said it would not comment on the breakdown in talks other than to say that mediation “was unsuccessful.” There was no immediate comment from the bakers union.

The end result is an obvious one, the union will break the company, the company will go out of business 18K+ “Workers” will have an extended vacation on the taxpayer dime, and they will have no skills to work anywhere else. I suspect half of these people will end up on SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) which will just expedite the ending of Social Security quicker. You see, the dirty little secret of Social Security and its looming end is that the moochers in America sucked it dry with SSDI and Medicaid, they took what there was and the elderly who worked and paid in will eventually get nothing. It is always the moochers, like the unions that destroy everything for the majority, and yet we are told how wonderful these leeches are as they suck us dry. This is all unsustainable and cannot go on forever – it won’t, and in my lifetime I will see both the end of unions and the collapse of Social Security.

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November 21, 2012 6:27 pm

Eighteen thousand five hundred people out of work in one fell swoop, National Labor Relations Board illegally constituted, wholesale election fraud in precinct after precinct across the land, millions and millions losing their health insurance left and right, one in six Americans being fed by the government, and on and on and on. Still, the malignant, evil press continues its incessant Odes to Barack Obama and the complicit Republican leadership limply moans that the ‘spirit of cooperation’ with the Dear Leader and with the indefatigable Iron Lady, Nancy Pelosi, must continue apace. There is no other way but….The Way. Forward.… Read more »