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How Stuff Works

The title of this piece is deceptive, because I really do not know how stuff works, I only observe it working.  Details lose me in translation, but I am able to detect motion.

While visiting my doctor yesterday and listening to him rant about Obamacare, I so much wanted to remark sardonically to him “Doc, I feel your pain, ”  as I silently remembered all those white lab coats being distributed in the Rose Garden.  But I didn’t.  I merely observed that the certificate hanging on his wall soon wouldn’t mean very much.  He blinked, and then slowly shook his head.




As I said, I don’t know how stuff works, but I at least know how to find out if stuff is working, and that is to ask.  Upon reading in the paper today that the “income gap” in my home state is one of the “worst” in the nation, and having some notion that there is a definitional distinction between “income” and “wealth”  and also “income” and “outflow”, I decided to bug an economist aquaintance about why the professionals just let propaganda go unanswered, why they leave the job of explaining economic precepts to people who willfully accept socialist terminology and premises, aka tools of the statist conspiracy.

I looked up the article on line so I could send him a link to it, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a gaggle of other articles from other states declaring how their state had the worst income gap in the history of income gaps.  Examples are here,  here  , here , here , here, and here.  Who knew?  Who knew that Indiana and Kentucky and Florida were all fighting for bragging rights over who has the worst “income inequality”?  Not only that, but who knew that this grave and serious problem would spontaneously and suddenly feel the need to present itself all over the country?

Well, propaganda being propaganda, of course it wasn’t just happenstance.  But the doggone thing about asking questions is that it often leads to asking more questions.  Like, I’m sitting here in Indiana and Indiana has fared better than a lot of states during the recession, but it is not exactly riding a bubble.  Indiana is not a haven for “rich people”.  Conversely, although it has cities, it does not have the plethora of large urbanized poor ghettoes, slums and barrios that would tend to make it stand out, discrepancy-wise.

Dittos for Kentucky.  And  there might be a rich guy in New Mexico somewhere but I always thought that state was pretty much all poor Navajos, Apaches and Chicanos living on one big reservation.   All they have to do is get that one rich guy to leave and poof! no more discrepancy problem.   Again, I don’t get bogged down in the details, so spare me the corrections here.  What I am trying to get a handle on is how all of the Chief Washington Correspondents in the Washington Bureaus of Gannett, McClatchy, Associated Press , et cetera can all be inspired at the same time to get the word to the folks back home that their state is particularly hard hit by the plague of  ‘income inequality’.

If I may venture a guess, this is what I think is happening.  You will recall all of the major dailies out in America that surprisingly endorsed Romney for President?  All of them who said the Obama way (redistribution) hadn’t worked and likely wouldn’t work in another term, and that the Romney way (free enterprise, deregulation and property rights) was more likely to tend toward success?  What I think was happening was that the agents and the franchisees were given temporary license to put on a dog-and-pony show, for the benefit of their advertisers, that they are on record supporting the capitalist way, and that once the election is out of the way,  it is now “Everybody revert to form, listen to the feed, heed the Talking Points Memo and continue the crusade to pander to the ranks of the dependent class, the beholden class, the ‘victims’  of inequality.”

Many of the states mentioned in the links above are traditional Red States.  So why the need, especially so soon after a general election, to push the notion in those states with Republican Governors, and many with sizeable majority-Republican legislatures, that not only must federal taxes on “the rich” be increased, but that the states need look out for the peeps and look to doing their part to “reduce the gap”?  The reason is that once a tyrannical,  totalitarian statist movement gets regime status,  gets up and running, once it assimilates enough “special interest groups” to get it traction, once it establishes an air of “legitimacy” and proclaims a mandate via the ballot box, or via revolutionary council, by however slim a margin and by whatever scheme or  method,  it then shifts into an all-out drive to eliminate pockets of resistance in the provinces.

That is the next stage.  That is what the lapdog media is being instructed to do – to get the people to wildly cheer for an increase in taxation, not only in the blue states as they did behind Governor Brown in California (there is footage), but  also in the Red States.

The Occupy Wall Street movement and the presidential campaign drew attention to the national gap in incomes, and Congress and the president are debating whether to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans. But there’s been less attention paid to income gaps in individual states, said report co-author Doug Hall, director of the Economic Policy Institute’s Economic Analysis and Research Network.

How can these individual states……atone for their sins?   The sins of not punishing achievement? Well:

“We want to ensure . . . that states have the opportunity . . . as they think about their upcoming budget cycles and head into legislative sessions, to take some policy measures to help address growing inequality,” Hall said.

The researchers found that states in the Midwest and Southwest were more likely to have experienced increased income inequality since the late 1990s, but there was no clear regional pattern.



And so, just as I had remarked to my doctor, my observation to my economist friend is that soon he, too, will only have the skin of a sheep hanging on his wall, if he even has a wall. Because the statists are on a roll, they are on the march. They are spreading out. When you acquiesce  in pseudo-science, when you abandon your principles and your precepts, when you accept the false premises of false prophets and shirk your responsibility, whether you are doctor, scientist, economist, historian, journalist or public servant,  evil walks right in and sits right down. I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure that’s just how stuff works.  And it’s working.  It’s working really well in Washington.

Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.


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  1. I believe you are on to something w/that “small” papers being given permission to support free markets to save themselves, remember George Soros went all in on a local “media” buyup and push to control the narrative locally in 2008.

  1. I believe you are on to something w/that “small” papers being given permission to support free markets to save themselves, remember George Soros went all in on a local “media” buyup and push to control the narrative locally in 2008.

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