[POST-ELECTION UPDATE: boy was I ever wrong. But…. well, more later. The results of this election defy gravity. I don’t think I was wrong. 2010 happened. 58% of people still wanted ObamaCare overturned. Walker’s defeat of the Wisconsin recall happened. Those are not my imagination, and certainly nothing the Obamanistas did (or Romney did) could change that. This result was not possible. Like I said, more later.]

First thing I want to say is: this thing is won. For those of you doing God’s work today, aka GOTV, God bless you!!! Romney-Ryan is going to win decisively (and I mean by 10 points). Republicans up and down the ticket are going to win the day as well. The Senate will go +8 to get to 55-45 majority (pundits say *maybe* Repubs will eke out 51 for a majority), and the House is going to go +10 to get to a 253-182 majority(pundits not named pilgrim say we’ll lose a few but nowhere near the -25 which would cost the majority).

Why this is so
I don’t want to take up too much space with this. Believe me or not, as you wish. But these notes provides useful background.

  • The polls are and have been rigged to show a nail-biter of a race, when it’s not even close. We’ve all been over that (huge D+8 samples reflecting the 2008 high-water mark and ignoring the 2010 righteous anger) , and why (to discourage Repub turnout)
  • The 2010 election didn’t settle anything. But it did set the tone. The turnout models that SHOULD have been used in legitimate, honest polls would be 2010 election. Righteous anger. Stop the spending. Stop taxes, stop the vindictive use of the EPA and the DOJ. Overturn Porkulus, Obamacare. Everything is worse than it was in 2010. People did not forget. They just got busy.
  • Chick-Fil-A.
  • The Tea Party didn’t die. They went mainstream in the Party. They don’t own it yet, but they’re working on that. Meanwhile, the incredible, incredible ground game, incredible research, incredible volunteerism, every bit of that was the Tea Party movement. And after 2012, it will only be “more.”

So anyway, pull up a chair. I am pretty sure Streetwise is hosting a show so all our UP friends can watch and party together. Keep your gameday card handy and watch for these entirely expected things.

Democrat shenanigans

  • Because these wrong expectations have been set, when the blowout happens, Dems will loudly cry “FOUL!! CHEATING”, which is both ironic and amusing, because they have underway a massive cheating operation (and we have no such thing, not even in our dreams.). So for every state within 2%, they’ll be screaming “RECOUNT!!!” They’ll have wildly spreading rumors of voter suppression, racist something-or-other, and of course Hurricane Sandy (which didn’t hit a single Red state save New Hampshire).
  • They will also have armies of lawyers. Fortunately, we will as well.
  • That aforementioned massive cheating operation. Most likely will win NV and NM for that reason (and quite possibly MN for the same reason. I don’t want to make light of this. It makes me angry as hell, and lots and lots of people (and union workers, who are not people, just ask Barack) should go to prison for it. But on the other hand, it will not be enough to tip the race. Sadly, we will lose a handful of down-ticket races due to this.
  • I fully expect that a large number of camera-armed Americans, Breitbartians, you might say, will be posting footage of numerous Democrat cheating operations. Totally illegal to do, totally awesome! Breitbart lives!!! Most likely on the day of, that will be a footnote. But in the days and weeks following, I think it’ll make lots of news, at least on FNC, Rush, and Drudge.
  • There will be commie judges keeping polls open late (in deep blue precincts).
  • There will be polling stations that report very, very late in close races.
  • There will be boxes of ballots miraculously discovered. Miscounts rectified. All in favor of the Democrats.
  • As has been well-reported (in right-side media), the military vote has been and will be completely screwed over by the Democrats. This is the crime of our generation, and some people should be executed for this. Summarily executed. One hour trial, a fair trial, then lined up and shot. Particularly in Wisconsin and New York, who both seemed to go to special trouble to avoid sending out ballots on time, or at all. Executed. Let me say this slowly. E-X-E-C-U-T-E-D.
  • There will be some hilarity with the UN OSCE observers. I hope like hell they actually try something in Texas. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a little old 70-year old granny roll up a newspaper and whup a mouthy young adult man. I hope there’s film and everything.
  • More than likely the NBPP will feel entitled to pull some pranks of their own, but only in deep blue territory where they won’t get themselves punched by a redneck.
  • Lefties will in fact rush the exit pollers. In other words, they will make a point to get interviewed by exit pollsters, in hopes of skewing the early exit poll results in the Democrat direction.

Media shenanigans
The alphabet news media have gone all in on this election. They will be shameless and brazen. Most of them don’t know it, but their ruin is upon them. But meanwhile, they will do what they do. Look for these fun dance-steps.

  • All day prior to the real numbers coming in, they will run with “rumors” (made up by them) of exit polls showing Obama winning OH and PA, and “if true, Obama will retain the presidency.”
  • The real exit poll numbers will slightly skew toward the Democrats, for reasons mentioned above..
  • Real exit polls will be rigged to start with, but weighting more and pulling more from Democrat areas. If they did it in all the pre-election polling, why would they not do it on election day? It’s pretty much the same crowd in charge.
  • In early returns, any state that goes blue will be called very quickly, even if it’s very close.
  • On the other hand, states that end up going for Romney by 5% or less will be called much slower. So the scoreboard will skew toward Obama, particularly on the East Coast, giving the false impression of Obama momentum.
  • They’ll make great big noise about any battleground state that goes blue, or that they REPORT as going blue. They’ll make big noise if NH goes blue, but when Romney wins big in NC, FL, and VA, it won’t merit any special attention.
  • All their man-on-the-street interviews will feature young, energetic, and (if they can find any) attractive Obama voters.
  • Their mentions of Romney voters will be dripping with disdain.
  • As the night goes on, and the closer Romney wins have to be called, and the inevitable happens, the wailing, whining, ridiculing, of all things conservative, Republican, or American will come raining down.
  • Blame! Blame! Hurricane Sandy! Misinformation and a manufactured scandal about Benghazi! Bad first debate! Perhaps Biden should not have interrupted 88 times! Americans just don’t “get” Obama.
  • And of course, RAAAAAAAACIST!!!!!!

Party at BTR!!!
So anyway, pull up a chair. I am pretty sure Streetwise is hosting a show so all our UP friends can watch and party together. Keep your gameday card handy, have a good time, and don’t sweat anything.

E Pluribus Unum
The weapons had evolved, but our orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one. A most successful campaign. Perhaps too successful. For those like me, a Death Dealer, this signaled the end of an era. Like the weapons of the previous century, we, too, would become obsolete.

Pity, because I lived for it.