So, like you, I keep hearing from various EEyores about how they are fatigued by presidential politics, the polls and all that stuff that interferes with their real lives. What’s the real difference they ask? Life will go on no matter who wins. As Obama said when his healthcare bill was passed and signed, the sun still came up and the birds are still singing. Castro could not have said it better and it is true, the birdies still sang in Venezuela, even as Chavez endorsed Obama.

Yeah, who wins the presidency in 2012 matters and slacking in the face of another four years of Obamanation with lame excuses or handing it all off to God is too convenient. As radio talker Laura Ingraham reminds, we are not being asked to bleed out on some forsaken beach. Saving the country from Obama’s statism won’t require our blood, just our hard work, wisdom and faith.

Just a few hours ago, we wrapped up the Saturday phone bank at our County GOP office. We’ve made thousands and thousands of calls from there over the last 6 weeks, five days a week. We’ve had so many volunteers, many of whom have never been involved is any type of grassroots efforts. They came from every sort of background. We’ve had college students, teenagers, business executives, homemakers, single moms, and of course a good many seniors. They came to make a difference. They came for the country they own and they were awesome.

I had a chance to speak today with a phone-banker, a lady in her early 40’s. She told me a great American story about her life, how she got married at a very young age, how she started with nothing. The kids came really early and she talked about how the first one was paid for by medicaid but how she swore not to go that route again. She stuck with her first job in retail and is still there 20 years later, rising through the ranks. She and her family are doing well now, except for her concern about the culture of dependency that has grown under Obama. That is why she came to call . . . to speak out against the policies that rob Americans of their dignity and their personal freedom.

We _do_ own this country. Our forefather’s took it with their bare hands. They tamed it with their faith and courage. They didn’t wait around for whatever God’s plan was. They moved boldly, with a confidence grounded in their abilities and faith in God. They believed their destiny was manifest and it was.

I believe in the vision of our founders. I also believe the hand of God was involved in the birth of America. Many of you also believe this. It’s in your DNA and it is imprinted on your heart by a God that has given you free will and a free hand to act for good or ill. You own this country and you own yourself. I’ve seen from the people I’ve worked with on the ground that you don’t wish to see yourselves or your fellow Americans entrapped by an ever bigger government. Under Obama, government in all its forms has reached critical mass. It’s now big enough to take everything from us and it will, if we let it.

Be of good cheer, Patriots. Tuesday night, Barack Hussein Obama will learn who really owns this country. It will be a shock to him and to those of left. In this, we find our redemption for the lost, last 20 years. Let’s see if we can stay in faith going forward.

Texas native. Conservative small businessman with 31 years experience. Government should roll back the nanny state. No country can tax its way to prosperity. The question isn't who will let me but who will stop me?