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Whither Barack Obama, Temporary Retirement and the Beach or Door #2?

In our never-ending search to find the real Barack Obama, if you don’t already know it, rumors are swirling now that it appears that Mitt Romney is pulling away from His Infiniteship in all but a few of our 57 states.

Today I’m deluged with suggestions as to how he might cancel the election if the power stays off along the East Coast for a week or more. I’m told already pressure is being brought on ConEd down to VaPower to slow down, not speed up recovery efforts.

(I’ll forego the regular analysis that Romney could concede NJ, NY, DE, CONN, RI, VT, MD, DC, and the outcome would be affected little. If the Administration wanted to postpone voting in those states, along with NH and VA, with all the other states reporting on time, it would likely be over anyway. North Carolina reports only scattered power outages as the storm passed yesterday.)

Notice I said “Administration” in that last sentence, not Obama, for there is a great deal of separation between some in Obama’s inner circles and His Stalwartship Himself.

Every un-constitutional-coup d’etat-doomsday scenario I’ve heard, actually since 2010, is predicated on the belief that there being a real he-bull in the White House, willing to move heaven on earth to stay in power and complete his mission of sending the Constitution and Republic into the dustbin of history.

Such a man must be willing to throw the dice. A risk taker. A man who understands the stakes and will risk all to achieve victory. For if he should fail, he would no longer get to retire to the beach, to plot perhaps a triumphant return in four years, or perhaps even shoot for an even higher chair, perhaps in the UN; a potential sinecure-for-life from where he can launch an unrelenting war against Amerika with full immunity.

Instead, he may in fact find himself choosing Door #2, where newbies always get the short straw in picking up the soap at Marion.

So, just what kind of risk-taker is Barack Obama?

Well, it took him half of the 2009 “killing season” in Afghanistan to finally approve the Surge.  In Libya, last year, after announcing his humanitarian rescue of all the people Qaddafi promised to murder, it took over two months more to act on it.

It even took Obama several weeks to finally approve the killing of bin Laden, a decision which Paul Vallely, (Lt Gen-Ret), says didn’t happen at all. Gen Vallely says Panetta gave the kill order. Others say Hillary.

So we know Obama dithers and is indecisive. He is afraid to make a hard decision, a hard, quick decision is almost impossible to pull out of him, which explains his slow self-immolation since the first debate.

Since Obama has been slipping in the polls, he has increasingly told lies in public which he then contradicted in public, i.e., about sequestration, the Bush tax cuts, indicating a man who really doesn’t care anymore, or, one who is afraid to man up to certain realities. He can’t publicly admit errors of fact, policy or judgment, or the infallibility of Harvard math, so constantly must say something today that has to be walked back tomorrow.

Which leads us finally to Obama’s public utterances about the terror attack in Benghazi. The day after, he told CBS it was a terror attack, then CBS quickly buried it (no doubt at his request) so he could proceed to develop (not just recite, but develop) a lie about a video out in California. He and Hillary even did commercials for airing in Pakistan, probably with the desired result of even more violent protests there.

But that was a mere silly, inept cover-up. There was much more to follow.

As facts emerged, we now know that this attack lasted several hours, the president nowhere to be found near his assigned post (there are logs about those sorts of things), or in the alternate, fully in charge, wringing his hands and dithering as those four men died.  Panetta has stepped forward to say they didn’t send in support because it was too iffy. But Panetta did not say the President “didn’t send in support”, just “we.”  But under standard protocols, the president’s order is inferred. (But remember, Clinton was often absent at crucial times, such as the last open shot they had on Osama in ’98, and Sandy Berger declined to take the shot. Who knows.)

But then only this week, Obama says he did order support/rescue. Only no one has been fired/charged or court-martialed for disobeying a direct order from the president, so the window widens, not closes.

Yes, there will be a huge congressional hearing, and some will hang. Most of the facts not known now will be found out. But it’s not likely that it will happen before the election (which may be a good thing, if justice rather than politics is to be served here. The politics has long been determined against Obama in this regard).

So, this post is not about Benghazi but the size of Obama’s “cue balls” (h/t to the ever-consoling Joe Biden) as it dawns on him that he must choose to lick his wounds in the comfort of a secured compound on the Big Island or push the envelop for real, toward an unknown end.

This is a decision Barack Obama must make on his own, alone, as he has only a very small circle of close confidants, Michelle, Valerie, and other dominant females. Not one other in his cabinet would be willing to throw themselves on their swords to save his sorry, indifferent, ungrateful, distant hide.

Looking at three Kings, I’m betting Obama folds his two pair and decides not to draw to a full house by going all in.





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  1. I agree, Vassar. He’s pretty cocky when he’s got the numbers, or a stiff tailwind. But he won’t buck the tiger.Not ever.
    You know, perhaps we are luckier than we thought that Hillary didn’t win the Democrat nomination in 2008.

  1. I agree, Vassar. He’s pretty cocky when he’s got the numbers, or a stiff tailwind. But he won’t buck the tiger.Not ever.
    You know, perhaps we are luckier than we thought that Hillary didn’t win the Democrat nomination in 2008.

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