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As Mitt Romney strengthens his position in all the various polling categories, it becomes more and more likely that he will overtake Barack Obama in the electoral count on Election day and become our next President.  A few thoughts then on what we can expect the honeymoon period will be like between Romney and the Press, Romney and the Democrats and Romney and us.  As to the first two, there won’t be any.  It will be an unholy war from day one of the Romney Administration on the part of the angry Left.  If you thought they way they treated Bush 43 was abominable, just wait.

As to our romance with Mister Mitt, it is still a work in progress.  Many of us on the righter side of the aisle were less than enthusiastic about his candidacy, but during the campaign, he has proven to be a formidable standard-bearer and a polite yet determined foe of the anti-American stench that has permeated Washington of late.  Not only do we think he deserves a chance, a honeymoon period, from us constitutional conservatives, we think he deserves a much more vigorous defense and level of support than the tepid, almost grudging  kind  offered to our last Republican President.  Although many of us were unhappy with the spending and big-government themes we thought he embraced, he accomplished some very remarkable things during his two terms -a. He kept America safe after the attacks of 9/11 and b. He kept our economy from collapsing after those terrible days and in fact strengthened it up and until the very end, when the Socialists sensed that they were in ascendancy, Big Money agreed,  and everything went to hell.  He also restored honor and decency to the Office of President – LIKE HE SAID HE WOULD.  He wanted to reform Social Security, but couldn’t get the required help, and so here we are.

Blame Bush didn’t start when Obama took office.  The Bush Derangement Syndrome sufferers had a head start on that theme, and the libertarians among us fueled the fire by signing on to the notion that Bush’s MidEast policies constituted ‘Nation-building’ and were to be disbanded.  They were in fact NOT that, but that didn’t stop the Beltway crowd from ‘me-tooing’ as Obama proceeded to retract and retreat.  And so, here we are on that score as well. The entire Middle East is on-fire, in chaos and in danger of disintegrating into an orgy of death and destruction.

We stood up in opposition and for unity as we recognized the death spiral Obama had us in as a nation.  Just know that he didn’t orchestrate that sorry scenario in a vacuum – there were conditions of culture, conditions of politics and conditions of extreme self-interest at play which allowed him to get as far as he did.  Those things are not going quietly away to Hawaii with Barack and Michelle as they retire comfortably, legends in their own minds.  All the evils afoot that enabled them to impose themselves on us the last four years will still be around.  As we hold Mitt’s feet to the fire and  keep him accountable, we need to at the same time stand up for him in the face of the coming storm of opposition from the left.  It will be vicious.  We can be confident of one thing – he will enlist only patriots to serve in his administration.  The only question is how many of the entrenched anti-patriots he can dislodge from the federal ranks, and how fast.

Our stern gaze should fall first on the 113th Congress, who, as the 112th,  arguably let us down more egregiously than GW Bush ever thought of doing ( see E Pluribus Unum here). We shall give the Republicans an even more solid command of the House and a majority in the Senate come November 6.  They must act accordingly.  They must acknowledge from whence they came. (A good start would be a very earnest, very public debt of gratitude expressed to the various Tea Party groups and individuals.  We’ll be waiting for that.)

Finally, to the culture wars.  That’s really what it’s going to be about for us in the long term.  We will have done what we could to enable a return fiscal and economic sanity to Washington, and we are confident Mitt and the team he puts in place won’t fail us.  What we have to concentrate on post-election is hauling out the garbage, scrubbing and cleaning away the rot and the filth that have gone untouched for decades now, and which led us to the situation we found ourselves in on January 21, 2009, when the Socialists exceeded their wildest expectations and finally, officially,  began what they thought would be the ‘fundamental transformation of America’.  The reason they didn’t get the job done, and won’t be around to finish it come this January, is that there were still enough of us traditional, patriotic, God-fearing Americans left to, as Buckley put it, stand athwart them and yell “Stop!”  But we can’t rest on our laurels.  The ‘mission’ has not yet been accomplished.  In truth, the mission will never really be over.  We must always stand ready to …..water the tree of liberty as necessary.



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Lady Penquin
October 29, 2012 11:35 am

Great summation, Bob. Expect it to be an interesting next few years. The tidal wave which should sweep through this election is more than just a repudiation of Obama and the Lefty/communists, I hope it sends Hollywood and their decadence, and anti-Americanism back into the bowels of the earth from which they slithered.