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So The Whole “Romnesia” Attack Is Out Of The Bag

Drudge early last week said Gloria Allred, the woman who ruined Herman Cain’s chances to continue on in the Republican primaries by parading out white women to say they slept with him, had some goods on Mitt Romney. I of course didn’t believe the Cain accusation (where are those women?) and anything she would have to say about the character of Mitt Romney would be even more unbelievable. It appears what may be cooking is so sordid and horrible that those who think with their lady parts and not their lady smarts will be collapsing all over their couches when it “breaks”. You see Mitt Romney when he was a Church Leader he counseled young women from having abortions. Oh the horror of a religious man asking a young woman to re-think her decision to murder a baby.

If Obama and the Democrats think that is going to take Mitt Romney off track they truly have no arrows left in their quivers. There are very few churches, or religions that would not help steer a young woman away from abortion, because you are destroying life. We certainly know that Obama’s church with the so called Reverend, Mr Wright would actually encourage aborting babies, it is how the black community is now down to 12% of the population and treated like a red headed step child to the Democrats. You see Margaret Sanger and her Planned Parenthood venture was all about wiping out those unwanted groups in America. The Democrats have been quite successful in that endeavor and it is a sad tale of continuing the policies of the racist KKK of the early 20th century. They could never have killed as many blacks as Planned Parenthood has so they switched up with a program to “help” and they are moving into Hispanic neighborhoods now.

So let me show you where the Romnesia attack springs forth Really Gloria? This Is All You Have?

Speculation has surrounded a story published last week by the left-wing website AlterNet, purporting to tell the story of women who claimed Mitt Romney advised them in the 1980s, in his capacity as a church leader, against having abortions.

There is only one problem: the story is not new, and Breitbart News already discussed several aspects of the tale in January 2012, including the false claim that Romney had been insensitive to women in his congregation. One woman he had counseled against having an abortion, and who carried her baby to term, told Vogue in February she was grateful to Romney for his help, though she later decided to leave the Mormon church.

There is perhaps reason to believe that this is the tactic Allred is preparing to use against Romney–and that she may be doing so in coordination with the Obama campaign.

In a speech on Friday in Virginia, President Barack Obama unveiled a new attack against his rival, accusing him of “Romnesia” (Romney + amnesia) about his past positions. The media treated the word as an innovation.

But the term has a prior–and specific–history.

According to the AlterNet article, which was published last Wednesday, “Romnesia” was the term created by Mormon feminists to describe his inability to recall specific details of his advice on abortion to female congregants. (Questions about Romney’s position on abortion, and his role as a church leader, first arose during his campaign for U.S. Senate in 1994.)

Just so everyone is clear, in 1994 that line of attack might have worked but in 2012 with the advancement of science (it is the Democrats who always say believe the science) that shows a heart-beating human being at 28 days that has helped change public opinion on abortion. I would say even those who believe in abortion will not be shocked that a man of the cloth when a woman approaches him about her possibilities wouldn’t help to steer her away from abortion. I suspect those in the Religious Right community who may have had doubt’s about Mitt Romney will be comforted by this fact and will indeed come out in the millions to vote for him. So what they will attempt to do is prove that when he says he is pro-life he actually means it. It will take away their whole flip-flop argument. Democrats aren’t very bright, they never think beyond their emotions to see how something will work in the real world against their “concept” of how it will work and this is just another example.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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