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Think You Will Never Be A Boss? You Are A Boss!

We The People of these United States of America are the bosses of each and every elected official in this Country. How we ever got to a place where they were elevated to “rock stars” is beyond the mind to imagine. The President on down to the local state congressman are our employees. When they do a bad job, meaning they have done nothing but pass more laws (never, ever taking away any other laws) the process has gotten flipped around. We are a Republic, that means that the federal government has no power to dictate to us. The best person I have found who puts that into words is the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer when Obama decided he didn’t like our laws on illegals in our country he put forth a mini “dream act”. She said not in my state, you are here illegal, we catch you and you are going to jail. She epitomizes what each and every state Governor ought to be doing. When VP Biden mocks congressman Ryan about asking for money from the “stimulus” I say well of course he should, that is his states tax money in that large, overbearing political give away.

I expect our Governor’s to stop sending our tax dollars to Washington DC to be cycled through their corrupt washing machine and then giving us a piece of it back. When Mitt Romney becomes President he should be mindful that the only true action the federal government is given as a “right” in the Constitution is our protection as a country and work to let the states keep their money. There is no need for a federal Department of Education, there certainly can be federal guidelines but each state knows how to teach their children and apparently the government does not. How can an agency in Washington, DC tell a state in the Midwest how to teach their children? What the federal government has done is mess up the entire process of teaching our children. They start from a political ideology and have gotten away from the basics. I have a 22 year old that we hired who cannot write correctly. I have suggested she get the child’s writing book and learn to write. I saw a story recently where Indiana decided to stop teaching writing Its The Basics Folks it reminded me of how we were told we all would never have to have paper again due to this “new” thing called the computer. Well there is no where I have worked since hearing that in the 90s that couldn’t go up into a ball of flames because of the paperwork stored. You see the basics have always worked, they helped build a nation and they never go out of style.

They say obesity is a problem in children and wring their hands as to how to fix it. Well the food pyramid for one was heavy on starches which is great if you have exercise to work it off. The schools are so busy trying to teach our children Marxist ideology there is no longer time for gym. We didn’t have a problem with obesity in the 70s, we had 45 minutes each day of physical education, climbing up ropes, playing dodgeball (which cannot be played anymore because someone might get hurt), and racing each other from wall to wall. We know kids are not going to be playing outside when they get home, parents don’t have the time to watch them and are terrified to send them out alone and so they play computers and watch tv, until they go to bed. Its the basics my friends. America didn’t get to today with interference from on high from the federal government what they have done instead is send us backwards in time, windmills? so very 1600’s, no writing? so very middle ages, so one more time I will say it, its the basics, so lets get back to the basics and remove this beast of a federal government out of our lives. I can walk to my state’s congressman’s office in 7 minutes, I can tell him how displeased I am with what he is doing, the “stars” in Washington, DC are removed from us and yet We The People are their bosses, politicians should be where we can go visit with them and have a chat with them. Here is a Governor who gets that Governor Chris Christie

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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