From Benghazi to Cairo to Washington to….Nashville?



We are here today unexpectedly, having chanced upon another wonderful offering from the First Amendment Center.  In it, they propose that, rather than a vigorous defense of free speech and extreme reluctance to in anyway appear to infringe on it, the “authorities” must “walk a fine line” in their persecu prosecution of the ‘filmmaker’ behind the now-infamous Youtube video short which was pressed into service by the Obama Administration to explain Muslim angst in the Middle East.  It was an instant reminder to us that the greatest danger to freedom that America has always faced is the danger from within. We are not going to delve into Mr. Policinski’s piece in much detail today, but merely remark that it is a prima facie example of keeping your eye on the prize.

The problem with …..them ……is that collaborators, fifth columnists and the like, just have a hard time curbing their enthusiasm.  The people behind the scenes, the ones doing the actual nudging, must understand the “fine line” they are walking by using these people, but that’s the nature of the game.

We  have heard all of the stories about the Benghazi affair, including how the Obama team, when trying to link Benghazi to the video when there wasn’t a protest, seized upon the notion that the attack was developed concurrently with people in Libya learning about protests in Egypt, supposedly over this video.  We know that word came out from our embassy in Egypt apologizing to the populus over there for this video, as protests in Cairo were ongoing.  What not much attention has been paid to, since the focus shifted to Benghazi, is what was the sequence of events leading up to the Cairo embassy’s offering.

See here for what the protests in Cairo were really about.  They were about the blind sheikh.  And then, somehow a diplomatic cable got sent from Washington to Cairo warning them to be prepared for protests about “a video”.   And see here for  on-the-ground confirmation that the US embassy in Cairo was shut down on September 11 as embassy officials issued their now-famous “apology” for the video.  Who sent that cable to Cairo and what was the basis for the warning?  Remember, the meme is that dastardly Coptic Christians were trying to push the video in Egypt, but the information that the Embassy might be in danger did not flow from Egypt to Washington, it went from Washington to Egypt.  And that is the angle that needs to be pursued.

This, and all the rest of it, will of course not be fleshed out before the election.  The conventional wisdom,  all the buzz, is  that the Obama administration tried blaming the video to divert attention from, or cover for, the fact that their MidEast policy and actions were a disaster.  That is too naive an assessment by a magnitude of ten.  A fifth grader could tear that hocus-pocus apart, and certainly seasoned intelligence officers summarily dismissed the video from the beginning.  So no one could have seriously expected that charade to work.

What may have been at play was the coincidence of the stupidos in the streets of Cairo openly calling for the blind sheikh’s release at the same time there were actually back-channel attempts to get it done, and this video thing had lain in a file in DC ready to be used if needed to deflect attention.  Do not dismiss the notion of repatriating the blind sheikh Omar Rahman , mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center attack, on “humanitarian grounds”.  After all, only seven people died in New York City that day.  Do you remember how many died at Lockerbie?

Or, and this is where the First Amendment Center piece comes in, we’re talking about fundamental transformation here.  Whether as a substitute for releasing the blind sheikh, which we admit would be a stretch even for Obama at this juncture as a few souls here and there reaquire the power of scrutiny , or in an evilly cynical ruse to get to censorship and/or acceptance of Shariah in some form or another in the US, the occasion of Benghazi enabled a tirade of condemnation of the exercise of free speech. This included enlisting the cooperation of the LA County Sheriff’s department in arresting the ‘Sam Bacile’ character, the ‘righteous’ indignation at the video from an impressive array of US officials and now the First Amendment Center trying to explain to us how delicate and fine an operation it must be in bringing the Bacile character to justice in order to sate the anger of the supposedly offended Middle East population without interrupting the First Amendment Center and it’s corporate sponsors’ (and the rest of the MSM’s)  ability to put out the crap we are being fed in the first place.


Whatever the case, we know everything about Benghazi now.  It had nothing to do with Cairo.  And the security arrangement in Benghazi had nothing to do with Cairo, or with videos.  It had to do with priorities.  And those priorities had nothing to do with money.  It had to do with behind the scenes maneuvering to demonstrate to the Caliphate-seekers that this administration is trying to ‘bend the arc’ of Western Democracy, especially in the US, toward something more acceptable to them.  Where is Huma?

Stay tuned.

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October 20, 2012 3:42 pm

Thanks for bringing the Egypt-Embassy-pre-apology back into the mix, Bob. It is a necessary ingredient.

October 21, 2012 8:29 am

does anyone here think there might have been a pre-election “deal” in place re Benghazi? Keeping in mind that the marxist went to bed that night without so much as a by your leave, what if he thought the “deal” was that Stevens was only going to be kidnapped and he could then trade Stevens for the Blind Sheikh thus making himself seem more “presidential” whilst giving the extremeists what they want at the same time? Or is it time for me to dust off my tinfoil hat?