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Dilbert Supports Mitt Romney, Come On I Will Tell You Why!

So Scott Adams who writes the Dilbert cartoons (barely read by this writer, no particular reason) whom I cannot quite get a grasp on as far as ideology What Ideology Is This? has thrown his support to Mitt Romney. Now his issue is singular, which for the majority of Americans is quite true, for the majority of us it would be finances, jobs, economy, for Dilbert it is States Rights. So you say to yourself well then he is a Libertarian, well no, because in the interview in the above link he says, full quote

I’ve always thought that, if I led the world–and God help us all if that ever happened–that the first thing I would do is make a list of what I considered the top priorities. And I’d have a criterion for why they were the worst problems. Probably on the top of my list would be something like tobacco and cigarette smoking, because it kills people.

So the Libertarian argument falls flat on its face when Dilbert would stop tobacco “because it kills people”, hell Dilbert, so do cars, fast food and alcohol and drugs. Which brings me to his reasoning for not really “supporting” Mitt Romney as so much opposing Barack Hussein Obama. Dilbert is angry, he is angry about a man in California who ran a pot dispensary and Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s Justice Department are sending to jail for 10 years, even though it is the LAW of California to allow medical marijuana dispensaries. So in this instance he is very much a Libertarian. I am easily tweaked off at those who like to pick and choose their “desired” laws, Dilbert would stop tobacco (I am a smoker) but wants pot legalization. It is this schizophrenic UN-principled view on what America should be that has brought us to this moment in time where we are either going to have the federal government tell us what to do from cradle to grave or we get back to the Republic we were Constitutionally set up to be.

I don’t like a lot of things, abortion being the biggest and I certainly do not believe 9 justices in black robes should tell the whole of America what to do. I would throw Obamacare in there but it was passed by the elected officials of Americans who picked them and the Justices upheld it, not so with abortion. Obamacare can be undone by another set of elected officials but we have not allowed Roe v Wade to go back to people to decide. Yes I did indeed go a little off track but the thinking is the same, if left to We The People to decide in our “laboratories” of innovation then we are free to throw off the shackles of that State in which we cannot agree with the laws of. If you live in California and you don’t like pot being legal, leave, go to Texas, you see when the Federal Government inserts itself into our lives federally there is NO WHERE TO GO. So while I will applaud Mr. Adams for being angry about this issue, I would encourage him and other one issue voters to think about their fellow Americans and their one issue that they too would like to have freedom to pursue. We all know the “they came for…and I did nothing because…”, there is a reason why as an American we all should stand up for our Republic, so that no one’s … can be taken away from them federally. So I present to you Dilbert’s Creator Scott Adams And Why He Supports Mitt Romney

For the record, President Obama did not technically kill anyone to get elected. That was just a hypothetical example. But he is putting an American citizen in jail for 10 years to life for operating medical marijuana dispensaries in California where it is legal under state law. And I assume the President – who has a well-documented history of extensive marijuana use in his youth – is clamping down on California dispensaries for political reasons, i.e. to get reelected. What other reason could there be?

One could argue that the President is just doing his job and enforcing existing Federal laws. That’s the opposite of what he said he would do before he was elected, but lying is obviously not a firing offense for politicians.

Personally, I’d prefer death to spending the final decades of my life in prison. So while President Obama didn’t technically kill a citizen, he is certainly ruining this fellow’s life, and his family’s lives, and the lives of countless other minor drug offenders. And he is doing it to advance his career. If that’s not a firing offense, what the hell is?

Romney is likely to continue the same drug policies as the Obama administration. But he’s enough of a chameleon and a pragmatist that one can’t be sure. And I’m fairly certain he’d want a second term. He might find it “economical” to use federal resources in other ways than attacking California voters. And he is vocal about promoting states’ rights, so he’s got political cover for ignoring dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal.

I would like to address his point on Mitt Romney, we the base of the Republican Party (because it is a two party system) are generally conservative/TEA Party/Libertarian in view, we do believe in States Rights and we will be fighting the Republican House, Senate and the next President of the United States of America Mitt Romney on these very issues, just as hard as we have fought against the ever growing oppressive/progressive attack on individual liberties that leftist President Barack Hussein Obama and his Faculty Lounge Administration (the majority of the mans Administration have no REAL WORLD experience) have been taking away from us.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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