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You’re Not Just Too Greedy, You’re Too Picky!

If you thought corporate capitalist greed was the bane of our existence, you’re only part right, comrade.  These irresponsible businessmen who want to have their cake and eat it, too, are responsible for the high unemployment rate.  If they would just not be so choosy about who they employ, everything would be fine.

The study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) says manufacturers may have openings they can’t fill, but it’s not because workers aren’t out there. It’s because companies are being too selective about who they hire and are unwilling to pay a competitive wage.

See, all these jobs that are going begging are so easy a cave man could do them, and if they would just pay a decent wage, more cave men would be employed doing these jobs and you people wouldn’t be out there shaking your fist at Barack Obama and Harry Reid. So there.

Now, if those sentiments seem a little puzzling, Mr. Businessman, perhaps it’s not just your greed and your miserliness, but perhaps you also have just a wee bit too much pride in your corporation and your goods and services. You need to lighten up a little. And speaking of lightening up a little, if you wonder why a ‘consulting group’ would pooh-pooh the need for skill development, expertise and nose-to-the-grindstone commitment, take a peek at an insider’s experience with said ‘consulting group’:

Despite having no work or research experience outside of MIT, I was regularly advertised to clients as an expert with seemingly years of topical experience relevant to the case. We were so good at rephrasing our credentials that even I was surprised to find in each of my cases, even my very first case, that I was the most senior consultant on the team.

Now, we all know that when we see a headline or an article in the paper that begins with “Study: ….” there is a 99% chance that it is propaganda. And we also know that propaganda is not limited to the editorial page or the front page, it can be found in the business pages as well. But rarely do we get an inside glimpse at the inner workings of the sources of these agenda-driven pieces. This one just presented itself upon a simple Google Search for Boston Consulting Group. What it reveals is the necessity of doing your homework if you are in business these days, because not only can you no longer rely on the integrity of the business reporting apparatus in the media, apparently their sources, like Boston Consulting Group who are supposedly in business themselves, are so unconcerned about the notion of competency and taking care of business as to not be taken seriously as well.

What’s a businessman or businesswoman to do? Can’t help you there. That’s not our area of expertise. One thing for sure, if you need somebody to help you, it might be a good idea to do some background checking. Apparently there are a lot of cavemen out there in the consulting business only too eager to take your money.

And to remark one last time on the issue of competency, you will notice that the USA Today article incompetently does not provide a direct link to the “Study” in question. You can, if you browse the BCG website, find references to it and learn that it is part of a series. Who is paying for this “study” is not revealed, but one thing you can find on the BCG website’s ‘CEO Agenda’ tab is that they are very bullish on the idea of…….sustainability. So it is not surprising that in this election season, both Obamaphile media groups and campaign operatives and Green-eyed cavemen everywhere are glomming on to it. That and the fact that you get the distinct impression that if business would just get out of the way, we would all not only be employed, but also drunk with happiness. Barack is counting on you to see that. Who knows, he may even be paying for you to see that.

To paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson….WAKE THE HECK UP, AMERICA!

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