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Obama using form letter to send *condolences* to slain military families

Political spin and pandering is par for the course from this Administration, but respecting fallen American heroes and their families should be something we all agree on. Unfortunately the Obama White House doesn’t think so. Houston Local2 gives us the sad story:

A man who lost a son to the war in Afghanistan is disappointed in the condolence letter he received from President Barack Obama. Tom Logan, a Willis resident, calls the note late, impersonal, disrespectful and essentially a form letter. ‘It opened up a wound in our heart you can’t fix. You can’t send another letter. You can’t make it right,’ Logan said

A form letter to the family of a fallen warrior? Four months after the solider’s death, no less. News reports reveal that this is standard practice from the White House:

Local 2 Investigates examined two other letters sent by Obama to families of soldiers killed in action. The one-page typed condolence letters were identical other than names, ranks and service branches.

Pathetically enough, it’s not the first time the Obama administration has come under scrutiny for this kind of thing. A report from Gateway Pundit shows this is not merely election year laziness on the White House’s part.

Click2 Houston posted two condolence letters they inspected… Now compare that letter to the letter sent to the families of the Navy SEALs who were killed August 6, 2011. It’s the same letter – word for word. And here’s a photo of three similar letters sent to three SEAL families who lost their sons…For the past several years – since at least 2009 – and possibly throughout his term, Barack Obama has sent the same form letter to the parents of all fallen soldiers, Marines and Navy SEALs.

Picture below:

Now compare these letters to the one sent to the parents of slain Chief Petty Officer Nicholas Null:

It’s the same letter.

Now if this doesn’t get your goat, Obama sent a *personal* letter of condolence to the family upon the death of rapper  “Heavy D.”

We extend our heartfelt condolences at this difficult time. He will be remembered for his infectious optimism and many contributions to American music. Please know that you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers,” the president wrote in a letter, which the Rev. Al Sharpton read at the service, The Associated Press reported.

But when 17 members of the elite Navy SEALs were killed in the crash in Afghanistan back in August 2011, he sent their parents a form letter. We always knew Obama held disdain for our military but there’s no way to spin it, this is disgraceful behavior from our Commander in Chief.

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