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Here are 5 big reasons to support Romney/Ryan

Janet Porter of Faith2Action made a video listing some really good reasons to support Romney/Ryan in November.

A former Mitt Romney critic (as were many of us until he became the last best choice), Janet Porter is the founder and current president of Faith2Action, a pro-life social issues-orientated group which focuses on the culture war against Americans, and believe it, it does exist. Just as radical Islamists are at war with us whether we like it or not, so is the left pushing an agenda of intolerance while calling middle America the intolerant ones. It is, as Andrew Breitbart said, WAR.

The best way right now to fight back is a short-term one – getting B. Hussein Obama out of office and replacing him with someone breathing from the other side of the isle. Someone with an actual chance to win. That’s not going to be a Ron Paul, or a Gary Johnson, so put those folks aside. They have no chance to win. Hollar about that being “unfair” if you want to, but it is what it is.

The facts are these: Obama and his leftist “dream team” are destroying our country faster than any other left-winger could have hoped, and they have to be slowed to a crawl. The only bullet left in the gun is Romney/Ryan 2012.

Pull the trigger. Vote right.

h/t ColdWarrior

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