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I Demand a Do-Over! But Don’t Invite Biden.

I’m not a huge football fan, never really have been. But I was admittedly excited when our home team, the Seattle Seahawks (who have been notoriously lackluster for decades), actually made it to the Superbowl in 2006. I got to see half the game, and even though I know next to nothing about the rules or what actually happened, I was severely disappointed in the behavior of both the Steelers and the referees who apparently favored them. The Seahawks were treated very poorly, overall, and whether or not they would have won with impartial judges, their loss was made certain by the refs’ obvious bias (and they weren’t even replacements then!).

That kind of sums up how I felt about last night’s VP debate.

As I half-listened, half-watched while making dinner and dodging children and pets on the other side of the house from where my husband was streaming the debate on his computer, all I could think was, “Shut UP, Biden! Where on earth is the moderator?! Foul! OFFSIDES! Argh!!”

There have been numerous jokes about drinking games floating around the Web, and I imagined a new one while listening to Biden filibuster like a condescending blowhard, and Raddatz (the non-moderator) harangue poor Ryan after interrupting him yet again: Drink every time Ryan gets a word in edgewise. No one would get too drunk, or die from alcohol poisoning (as they might have if they’d taken a drink every time Biden spouted a complete fabrication or mentioned Medicare).

At one point, I heard Raddatz ask Ryan, with all seriousness, how he planned to pay for the tax cuts, and then explain to him (Mr. Math Whiz and Budget-in-Chief, of all people) in patronizing tones how tax cuts are an annual loss, or something like that (I think I’d drifted into rant mode by then), and it was immediately clear this woman was neither unbiased nor moderate.

The constant interruption and nasty behavior from Biden, and the barbs from the moderator did not appear to be letting up anytime soon, so we shut it off before we both had aneurisms. It was no longer the gleefully awaited bloodbath between Reagan-incarnate and the only politician in Washington whose intelligence was not insulted by Obama’s desire to have a VP whose complete ineptitude made Obama look brilliant by comparison. It was the “Everybody Gang Up on the Republican!” Show, and it was disgusting.

(Am I being harsh? Golly. I can’t find it in myself to care about that right now. I am embracing my intolerant hater-ness like a good little radical Conservatron. Come with me to the dark side. We have cake!)

I was angered by their treatment of Ryan (whom I found to be exactly what he needed to be in the situation: Cool, calm, and collected — though I wish he could have been a little insistent about it being his turn to talk), but I was infuriated by the lack of decorum or respect for the debate format, in general. I mean, if I’d acted that way in high school debate classes, I would not have received a passing grade and I would have lost all my debates. I knew what Ryan knew: You get the other side’s emotional response about a hot-button issue, and you continue to stay cool and on-topic, and then you win. Apparently, that’s not what “grown up” debates are like anymore.

Can I say I was surprised, though? No, I honestly can’t. I expected Ryan to run circles around Biden, but the levels of civility in the current administration have taught me that anything goes when threatened with the facts, and last night was just another example of that. Instead, I was merely deeply disappointed over the whole fiasco. I mean, I already knew Biden was an assssterisk who will literally say anything, and be confident of receiving a giggle of absolution from the media and a large percentage of the jaded American populace. But the moderator? I knew nothing about her (or that she was even a she, for a while — have I mentioned I’m a little out of touch, sometimes?). I could have hoped for a Jim Lehrer — or even a statue of him, which, according to some, would be indiscernible from the real thing — but what we got was someone with an agenda. A Democrat agenda, if not a fully liberal one.

Can you imagine the outrage if the moderator had been someone who was actually unbiased, moderate, or had conservative leanings? If he or she had cut Biden off when he was speaking out of turn, and asked him hard-hitting questions that Ryan could have answered without even referring to any notes? Do you think the president could have resisted making another teleprompted speech about how Republicans keep blocking real conversation in this country? I mean— It’s enough to—! *Sigh*

All I can hope is that Biden’s mjjjjjhhgghhhhgggghggfffdffdgfgfggvggghfgffhgff* attitude during the debate will turn away those who might otherwise have been looking for a reason to keep Obama and ol’ bumbling Uncle Joe around another four years.

(*My four-year-old son decided to contribute while I was up making lunch, and I couldn’t see how it wasn’t just as apropos as what I was going to say, so I left it.)

I can hope, but I’m not sure it will do any good. I do wonder how many people actually think about how we look to countries that are just waiting for an excuse to run roughshod over a world superpower, and rake the “leadership” over the coals until they cry. Why, if something were to happen to Obama, who is already viewed as a pandering wet blanket (a most desirable adversary) by our enemies, we would be stuck with Biden, who would just as soon insult our enemies (and friends, though Obama’s doing a pretty good job of that, too) as cater to them. “Harmless” only goes so far. We saw evidence of that on this year’s 9/11.

I’m not even going to get started on the abortion straw man. If that wasn’t meant to be a complete distraction to keep Joe talking, I don’t know what was.

At least I can console myself with Confused Biden and “Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan” Tumblr pages. And a return to blogging here at Unified Patriots, which I really ought to do more often. Facebook and my “mommy” and writing blogs are poor outlets for this sort of thing. I can’t imagine why . . . (This cake is delicious, by the way!)

I'm a Christian, Army Guard wife, and mom of two boys and a cranky cat. Fortunately, a B.S. (*snicker*) in environmental science and close proximity to Seattle have not turned me from my conservative upbringing. But it does make for some interesting blog material!
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I'm a Christian, Army Guard wife, and mom of two boys and a cranky cat. Fortunately, a B.S. (*snicker*) in environmental science and close proximity to Seattle have not turned me from my conservative upbringing. But it does make for some interesting blog material!
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Lady Penquin

Love the picture you chose, Delta. Biden was a Bozo the Clown, and the unfortunate thing is that Bozo was expected to be a clown, but the vice-president isn’t supposed to be one. We have Big Bird in the Oval office, and Bozo the Clown running the country. On a more serious note, the moderator of the debate infuriated me. I couldn’t sit and watch without getting up and pacing and muttering. Finally sat at the computer and just listened to the TV in the other room, where my hubby was voicing his disgust with the debate. Biden was the… Read more »