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Vice Presidents don’t matter even if they aren’t Jack Kennedy

Joe Biden is no Jack Kennedy or Neil Kinnock, but he is from a slave state that Obama should carry

Nothing to see here unless Vice President Biden turns plugs into real hair, water into wine and food stamps into well-paying jobs; and Obama promises to resign the presidency after failing to stop the oceans from rising.

Does anyone think that Gore secured victory for Bill Clinton by out-debating Perot? He didn’t. Remember how Lloyd Bentsen’s TKO over Dan Quayle launched Mike Dukakis to the presidency? Me neither. We have to concede that Cheney delivered Wyoming for George W. Bush, but anyone that still thinks LBJ delivered Texas for John Fitzgerald Kennedy needs to brush up on Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.’s pre-photo ID get out the vote efforts in the Land of Lincoln’s Windy City, Lone Star and Mountain states, and Alabama (still searching for a nickname so many years after Bear Bryant won all those football games).

Sequels and spin-offs rarely equal the originals and given how comprehensively Mitt Romney reprised Charles Bronson in granting President Barack Obama’s liberal death wish in the first debate, we doubt we’ll finish our popcorn tonight before turning to TBS to watch the Orioles take on the Yankees.

Yes, Paul Ryan appears to be as bright, clean and articulate as either Barack Obama or Al Sharpton, but we doubt the Vice President acknowledges this fact since the GOP nominee he opposes is from a non-slave state.

We do look forward to the promised less-nice Leader of the Less Free World take on the man who, along with the un-seen video that allegedly blasphemes the Prophet of Islam, caused the deaths of our Libyan Ambassador (Barack calls him Chris) and three other Americans in Libya and “made it an issue”, but it will be much like an anti-climactic NFL Pro but-don’t-get-injured Bowl.

Empty wallets already clinched this year’s political Super Bowl.

Mike DeVine 

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Mike gamecock DeVine
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