Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Foreign policy still matters

The economy is important. Social issues are important. Those things said, the number one job of the federal government has always been, and still is, national defense. Almost every single task the federal government performs today could be performed (and usually performed better) at the state, local, or even non-government level, with the glaring exception of national security.

Today, American men and women are in harm’s way in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Right now, an American Soldier is likely making a life or death decision for himself and his battle buddies. As you read this, a member of our Armed Forces is likely making a choice between his life and the life of an enemy. It is the decision at the heart of the sacrifice our troops make on our behalf. For those who have never served – count your blessings that you have never held the life of a fellow human being in your hands. Dying for your country is noble, and thankfully we have had millions of our fellow citizens who have not only taken that risk, but paid that price throughout our history. Killing for your country is a lasting sacrifice that changes a person in ways that most will never understand.

Evil exists. It is fashionable in intellectual circles to question and even deny this. Many sit in their ivory towers and suggest that the bad guys are just misunderstood or underprivileged. Members of the U.S. military do not question the existence of evil. They have seen it in person, from the slaughterhouses of the Nazi regime, to the exploitation and killing of innocents by the NVA, to the targeting of civilians by Islamic fundamentalists. Not only does evil exist, but it is not content to stay away. If we do not confront evil where it lives, it comes to us. When we shrink from the confrontation, evil is emboldened. In Mogadishu, the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, the U.S.S. Cole, Flight 93, Khobar towers, and now Benghazi and other places, we see what modern evil will do when it is not stopped or contained.

Although this election will turn on economic issues, and many will vote based on social issues, the most important choice in this election is still about national security. The current administration is content to let evil flourish, even sacrifice American troops (and diplomats) to evil for no purpose.

Barack Obama wants four more years to dismantle our security, appease our enemies, offend our friends, and allow our country to become weaker by the day. The lives and well-being of Americans come secondary to political considerations any time there is a real or conceived choice between them. The survival of our nation may depend on defeat of President Obama; certainly the survival of individual citizens and Soldiers does.

Mitt Romney wants to return us to the place that America held for most of the last century. His vision is one of America that is welcomed by our friends, feared by our enemies, and respected by everyone else. America has never been attacked because she was perceived as being too strong, only when she has been perceived as weak – either in might or resolve.

From now through election day, on behalf of those who have died for this country, those who live with the scars of serving her, and for those who will be in harm’s way tomorrow and in the future, work for a Mitt Romney victory. Most Soldiers in the Global War on Terror(still what it is regardless of what political hacks want to call it) have spent an average of 24 hours a day for a year per tour in hell-holes around the world, many having served for two or three or more tours. How much time are you willing to spend? Is five hours a week on a phone bank too much to ask? Three hours of door-knocking and lit-dropping? A few tweets, letters to the editor, a conversation with friends?

Vote. If your state is supposed to be +20 Republican, Vote. If your state is supposed to be +20 Democrat, Vote. Vote for every office, from President to school board, and vote for those who honor and respect this country and its defenders.

Scott MacHardy
Retired Army. Disabled Veteran. Constitutional Conservative. Ordained Minister.


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  1. I’ve been to 2 Romney rallies and one Ryan one. I watched on a huge screen yesterday Romney’s foreign policy speech. Yes, I am proud of this man, but that speech yesterday just wowed me. Yes, vote Romney. Our future depends on it.

  1. I’ve been to 2 Romney rallies and one Ryan one. I watched on a huge screen yesterday Romney’s foreign policy speech. Yes, I am proud of this man, but that speech yesterday just wowed me. Yes, vote Romney. Our future depends on it.

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