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Obama’s Stump Threat; “I Won’t Let US Return to Policies of the Past”

Much of what follows was first published in March, 2009, as part of a series, “How Life Will Change Under Socialism.” I mention this only to point out that we saw it coming then, in the first two months of Obama’s presidency, and today, four years later it’s unfolding more or less as predicted.

(October 5th, 2012)

Today, we are seeing a gathering of clouds, so to speak, especially in light of Obama’s tail-kicking on Wednesday night and his “threat” issued today that he will not permit us to turn back the “progress” he has made. He’s been using the “we have come too far to turn back now” line for several months in campaign stops, (and everyone who understands the socialist undertones knew exactly what Obama was talking about) but today, he closed it by saying:

“I won’t let that happen.”

Assuming Obama looked into his crystal ball after Wednesday’s butt-whomping and saw that no way he wins this election fair and square, I’m just reminding you that you’ve all been on notice since 2009 that Obama always has had a Plan B.

Still, maybe it was just chest thumping and mock bravado. But then again, maybe not. Personally I don’t think he could pull it off, for a variety of reasons, including personal courage (a comfortable compound in Brazil beats an 8 x 6 damp cell any day), still you need to understand the great power this man and his cronies still have, and will have, until 20 January, 2013…and out of sheer spite will move mountains to inflict as much wrecking on the American people and their free market economy as they can.

(Written in 2009 but drawn from today’s unemployment numbers)

You need to understand this simple fact, that the state, within a few years, will attempt to create the illusion that the economy has come back, in much the same way FDR created the illusion of lower unemployment in the 1930s, when that simply was not the case. It hung around 17% the entire pre-war era.

You can do this at home. Watch commercials on television, listen to local radio during the daily drive, and even read the Yahoo/MSN news home pages with those little USA Today-like lists, you know, “Top 10 Job Sectors in the Recession”…and just start asking yourself, can this company or that service continue to do business under socialism? Not in a recession. Not in a depression. But under socialism? Don’t confuse the terms. The idea itself that we are in a recession is a long term illusion, in that we are led to believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Bernanke says maybe by the end of ’09 it will end, that sort of thing.

Only it won’t happen under socialism. All that will change is the imagery and the illusion.

The Obama Administration has absolutely no intention of allowing the stock market to be as capitalized as it was in 2007. It will run a lot of companies away from the stock market, scare a lot of execs and clue them into the new reality…if they want to participate in this New Order (this is classical fascism by the way)…then they will have to get rid of the notion that had persisted from the Reagan years forward (and even hallmarked the Clinton Administration), and that is that ordinary people can build substantial retirementaccounts in the stock market.

Socialists have to run about 20% of the capital out of the stock market, and that is the small investor, the e-trader, the 401K. Before Reagan they didn’t exist. Socialists have always been alarmed that ordinary citizens could invest in the stock market.  Ending it is high on their to-do list,

So, the financial sector will permanently lose 15%-20%, at least, of its value and strength, and the rest will be beholding to the state. In the process, there will be a natural widening between the stock market as reflected in Dow Jones and national economic health as reflected in GDP and unemployment. Hitting 11,000-12,000, etc will no longer have the same impact it once did. (Oct 2012: If you’ve noticed how much Wall Street had been pulling for a QE3 even after the disastrous failures of QE1 and QE2, then you can see how they view national economic health…with the foresight of a kid who ate all his Halloween treats on the first night.)

The purpose of the New Order will be to remove permanently approximately 20% of the private sector business sector, almost all of it the small business sector. The surviving 80%, in both small and Big business, will look to government differently henceforward, as both ally and protector, no longer bothersome regulator.

(Oct, 2010) Although Romney was correct in pointing out that Obama has a miserable record in picking losers, the awful truth is he has been quite successful in usurping private market forces in choosing winners and losers in the historic free market sense.

The Long Haul

Obama has always looked to a time when Americans will no longer be allowed to complain aloud about the economy except in hushed tones, around the kitchen table, with the stereo turned up extra loud.

The same will be true about complaints about mandatory health care, death panels, rationed care, and the goon-thuggery (yet to happen) that will accompany people being dragged off to jail because they refused to pay up.

Public outrage about the quality of medical care from primary health providers (doctors) will fade to first disgust, then harumphs muttered under the breath after the third or fourth encounter with the nay-saying Nurse Ratchett in the front office, and finally into quiet resignation…as they watch the care they receive now diminish to little more that the ability to diagnose only the simplest of ailments, or perform the simplest of surgery or child deliveries (after mandatory counseling) and to dispense only the commonest of pharmaceuticals.

In short, you’ll be treated by the best health care professionals $40,000-a-year can provide, with a state-paid medical education. (When the Soviet Union fell, the leading cause of AIDS was from unsterilized dirty needles in clinics, and one surgeon in Kiev, I recall, moonlighted as a theater usher, which paid twice what the state paid.) Bottom line, state health care breeds indifference. For Great Britain, time is running out, but we are only starting out. Our children/grandchildren with be the beneficiaries. All we get is the “harumphs”.)

This process into quiet resignation will take about 25 years. Obama’s view of socialism relies on the notion that the next generation will have no memory of things ever having been better than what they have to offer.

So, understand this, the economy as you once knew it is not coming back.   This will not be your father’s economy. At some point in the not too distant future it will abruptly disappear.

“The Failed Policies of the Past”

Obama’s most-often used phrase (next to “It was Bush’s fault”)

So, when Obama refers to the “failed policies of the past,” he is really speaking of the “freedoms of the past,” and he is referring to the “past” not in recent terms, back to the Bush days, but rather back to 1787.

It was all a mistake, you see.


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