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Rooting for Wendy Long Winning US Senate Seat in New York

Conventional wisdom, along with the polls, has Kirsten Gillibrand getting reelected, but sometimes the unexpected happens. The one big reason to root for Wendy Long is that she does not shy away from conservativism, but embraces conservatism as humanity. Yesterday Rush had a caller, a Mexican illegal, doing the thinking Americans won’t do, and Rush said the following.

Don’t even treat people as members of groups. Treat ’em as human beings. Conservatism is about humanity. Conservatism is about elevating standards of life for everybody, about expanding opportunity. Conservatism is the essence of compassion. Conservatism does not look at people and see incompetence. We don’t look at people and see inability and stupidity. We don’t look at people with contempt. The Democrats do. Why should we get into that game? See, I believe in conservatism. I think that it’s persuasive. If it’s properly articulated, with passion and good cheer; if it’s understood, if it’s in your heart and you don’t need a teleprompter to explain it.

I’m talking about philosophically, ideologically conservative as it relates to people and what it means to people. Now, admittedly, conservatism has something that scares a lot of people. It does put you in charge of your life. But that’s the beauty of it! And then it seeks to inspire people. It seeks to motivate people.

Conservatism is founded in many things, but among those many things is the belief that everybody is capable of more than they think they are. Everybody’s better at something or as a human being than they think they are. But there’s so little inspiration to be found from leadership in this country today. There aren’t very many real, inspirational leaders. What we have are leaders who are in contests to see who can be seen as the most giving, or understanding, or feeling; the most understanding of whatever plight this group of victims is in.

Conservatism doesn’t like people being victims, and we don’t want to service people as victims. We want to remove them from victim status, have ’em stop thinking of themselves that way. Because we want a great country, and a great country is comprised of individuals, self-interested individuals seeking excellence to be the best that they can based on their desire — knowing that everybody is different so outcomes will never, ever be the same because it’s impossible for that to be.

Amnesty is one example where some Republicans go on defense that they are not cold heartless meanies, but another wedge issue is the ‘war on women.’ Wendy Long articulates the way a conservative should on the subject instead of acting defensive. Here is what she has said:

I jumped into this race because I believe, in 2012, everything is on the line for America. Our free-market economy is on the line. Capitalism is on the line. The dignity of work and the dignity of human life is on the line. Our security. Our energy independence. So much is at stake in this election. And that’s the reason that I jumped in. My hope is that we can focus on the real issues, because there is such a strong contrast in the electoral choices voters face this year.

I think a lot of women, women of faith in particular, understand that this whole ‘war’ about the contraception, abortion, sterilization mandate is not about women’s health. Contrary to White House claims, the Department of Health and Human Services’ health-care mandate has nothing to do with women’s health — it’s about a big central government trying to conscript religious organizations into a political agenda, an agenda that violates their deeply held beliefs — which are shared by women of faith.

The Democrats have concocted this whole phony ‘war on women’ narrative simply to mask their dreadful record on the economy and jobs.

The Democrats seem to be focused on this issue of abortion, contraception, sterilization, thinking that’s really what’s on the minds of most women, and I just think that that is incorrect. I think women really are concerned about the economy and jobs.

The Democrats are making a bad gamble, politically speaking. This isn’t a Catholic thing. This isn’t a Republican thing. This is an American thing — America as global beacon and protector of human dignity.

The people I see all around New York love our country and our state, and they’re angry and worried that the America they love is slipping away. The Establishment in Washington, including Senator Gillibrand, acts like nothing’s wrong and we could go on like this forever. The people know that we can’t.

Gillibrand has refused to debate Wendy Long, and the Democrats’ claims that this is a safe Democrat seat previously occupied by Bobby Kennedy, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and Hillary Clinton. What they neglect to tell us is that this seat has also been held by Irving Ives, Kenneth Keating, Charles Goodell, and James Buckley — all Republicans.

Don’t despair and don’t give up on Wendy. Go to her website and donate or volunteer. Her victory is not only good for New York, but also the nation.

I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.


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  1. Never underestimate the under dog. If so, many times you are surprised. This lady looks like a young Ann Romney. Hope she wins, as Gillibrand is an ACORN candidate and Clinton as well under Working Families Party.

  1. Never underestimate the under dog. If so, many times you are surprised. This lady looks like a young Ann Romney. Hope she wins, as Gillibrand is an ACORN candidate and Clinton as well under Working Families Party.

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