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Homophobe Unions, Or How To Be “bigots” Progressives Decry

I always find it amusing to see the Hollywood left and the malignant state run media cry out that the polls are saying 50% of Americans want gay marriage. It is obviously a skewed poll, and the question they ask is, “do gay Americans deserve equal rights?” No one denies gay Americans equal rights, they, like you and me can do anything they want except have a religious ceremony for marriage that has been in place since the beginning of time. They can have civil unions with all that entails if the people of their state so decide, however they push and push until Americans turn against them and resist their radical agenda.

The liars in the state run media have been proven wrong election after election, 33 states had it on the ballot and 33 states have denied gay marriage. The only places where it is legal is where black robed judges and or legislatures turned against those they promised to act on behalf of. Still, it’s interesting that when the unions had the opportunity to show how pro “gay-rights” they are when given the opportunity to vote on expanding those rights to all union members, they, as a group, said Hell No

The majority of members belonging to three city of Toledo union locals declined to let employees in domestic partnerships receive the same health-insurance benefits extended to spouses of legally married city employees — something that Mayor Mike Bell and city council approved this year.

The Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association and two units of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Local 7, in three separate votes, rejected the benefit.

Don Czerniak, Local 7 president, said the employees overwhelmingly disagreed with extending the benefit to unmarried couples — which could have covered both heterosexual and same-sex couples who register as domestic partners.

“We had to bring [it] back to the members and they felt — some of them felt — it wasn’t right,” Mr. Czerniak said. “Even though the mayor and city council have their own personal feelings, each one of the members just didn’t think it was right under their moral ethics or whatever you want to call it.”

Mr. Czerniak said he did not opine on the benefit during the voting, which took place on Sept. 13, according to his letter to the Bell administration.

“The people who came and voted were very boisterous about it,” Mr. Czerniak said. “The feeling was if they are that worried about it — not as much the same sex [couples] — then let them get married and have them be on our health insurance.”

The main Local 7 unit has 900 employees, including street, water, and drainage workers. There is also a 77-member Local 7 911 communications operators unit.

Mr. Czerniak said only three people in the communications operators unit and 14 in the main unit voted in favor. He declined to say how many people voted.

TPPA President Dan Wagner said the majority of police patrolmen did not want to “reopen the union’s contract for Mayor [Mike] Bell.”

The vote was almost 2-1 against, he said.

Once again, when put before the people, gay marriage is rejected. Why is that? and really why is the media lying? I recognize that the Hollywood set treat their gay friends as “dolls.” They talk to them like babies and they treat them like babies. They do not ever treat them as adults and each Hollywood starlet has her gay bestie, who carries their little dog and shops with them like a girlfriend, but ultimately they treat them like trash. So keep lying to yourselves Hollywood and state run media there are no 50% of Americans who want gay marriage to be legal. They want them to have civil unions and they want them to stop acting like jackasses with their attacks on traditional Americans.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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