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Looking at States Like Sports Teams

One problem with looking at all 50 states to see which state is the best one to start a new business or retire in is that not all states are identical. In college football one knows that it would be ridiculous to compare Oklahoma to Idaho, and thus it would be the same trying to make a comparison between Texas and Vermont. Today, let’s look at states that are comparable populations. In fact, if these eleven states all voted Republican, then their electoral votes = 270, and it wouldn’t matter how the other 39 states and DC voted. That would be an awesome league, but only FDR in 1936 and Ronald Reagan in 1984 accomplished winning all of these states.

The Big 11

State          Population            EVs




California      37,691,912      55




Texas      25,674,681      38




New York      19,465,197      29






Florida      19,057,542      29






Illinois      12,869,257      20






Pennsylvania      12,742,886      20






Ohio      11,544,951      18






Michigan      9,876,187      16





Georgia      9,815,210      16






North Carolina      9,656,401      15






New Jersey      8,821,155      14

Total      177,215,379        270


California vs Texas

This one is an easy pick.  Texas wins going away.  While California had enough births and illegals to avoid losing any House seats, they have lost a lot of businesses to Texas.  Texas gained 4 additional House seats.  The average unemployment rate in California is 10.8% compared to 7.1% in Texas. Both large states are politically diverse, but Texas conservatives are the majority and California liberals are the majority. Of these 11 states, California has the worst lawsuit abuse record, ranking 47th.  Texas is ranked 36th. California has a $15 billion dollar budget gap for FY13 compared to a $9 billion dollar budget gap for Texas.  Unlike California, Texas has no state income tax. Texas will receive enough revenue from oil and sales tax revenues to fill the gap.  California can’t receive enough revenues by taxing the rich to fill their $15 billion dollar gap. It’s the Longhorns over the Golden Bears in a rout.

The winner is Texas


New York vs Florida


Florida gets the win over New York for some of the same reasons Texas beats California.  New York’s population is shrinking , and it lost 2 House seats. Florida gained 2 House seats. The average unemployment rate in New York is 8.6% which is slightly better than Florida at 9.0%. Florida also has a bigger problem with lawsuit abuse ranked at 41st compared to New York ranked at 18th.  New York has a $2 billion dollar budget gap for 2013 compared to Florida with a $1 billion dollar budget gap.  Florida, like Texas, has no state income tax, and Florida expects to close the $1 billion dollar gap with revenues from sales taxes.  New York Gov. Cuomo would prefer more control over spending, but he will not use language like Gov. Perry has used in favor of zero baseline budgeting.  New York is not as bad as California, but Florida is better. It’s the Dolphins over the Giants.

The winner is Florida

Illinois vs Pennsylvania and Ohio

Illinois is in worst shape than New York, but not quite as bad as California. All three of these states have shrinking populations with Ohio losing 2 House seats and Illinois and Pennsylvania each losing one seat. Illinois is almost as bad for lawsuit abuse ranked 46th as California. Pennsylvania is ranked 40th on lawsuit abuse which is similar to Florida, and Ohio is ranked 31st.  Ohio is doing better than the other two states with improving its average unemployment rate to 7.4%.  Pennsylvania closely follows Ohio with an average unemployment rate of 7.6%, and Illinois has an average unemployment rate of 8.9%. Illinois has tried raising taxes more than Pennsylvania and Ohio, but it is not enough to make up for their spending.  Illinois has a 1.8 billion dollar spending gap compared to a half-a-billion dollar spending gap for Pennsylvania and a $3 billion dollar spending gap for Ohio. Gov. Kasich tried to enact a law similar to Gov. Walker of Wisconsin to rein in the spending for public sector employee benefits, but unlike Walker, Gov. Kasich included firemen and policemen. This addition resulted in demagoguery and a ballot referendum defeat for the law. Illinois is definitely the loser between these three states, and sadly for any Bobcat fans, the Quakers edge out the Bobcats.

The winner is Pennsylvania

Michigan vs Georgia

Michigan is shrinking in population and has lost one House seat, while Georgia is gaining in population and has one additional House seat. They both now have Republican Governors, and they are also close in terms of lawsuit abuse.  Michigan ranks 28th and Georgia ranks 25th.  Michigan has suffered hard economic times for a long time its average unemployment rate is 8.7% compared to Georgia’s average unemployment rate of 9.1%. Michigan is the only one of these 11 states that has no budget gap for FY 2013, and Georgia has am approx. one-third billion dollar budget gap. Gov. Snyder and Gov. Deal have both governed well. Looking at the entire season Georgia has an edge on Michigan.  Sadly for Dawg fans, in one game today between them Michigan Wolverines are favored.

The winner is Michigan

North Carolina vs New Jersey

New Jersey has a shrinking population and lost one seat while North Carolina remained with unchanged on House seats. North Carolina has less lawsuit abuse ranked at 21st, but New Jersey is ranked 30th which is about like Ohio. The average unemployment rate is bad for both states, but New Jersey is slightly better with an average unemployment rate of 9.2% compared to North Carolina with an average unemployment rate of 9.7%. New Jersey Gov. Christie has really performed well with the state budget, and is not afraid of being demagogued by teacher unions or other public sector union spokespersons.  New Jersey has a half-a-billion dollar budget gap for FY 2013, and North Carolina has a $2.3 billion dollar budget gap for FY 2013.  Only much bigger states like California, Texas, and Ohio have larger budget gaps than North Carolina. This 2012 election is the opportunity for the voters in North Carolina to elect a Republican Governor that will put the state back on the right track. So for hockey fans the New Jersey Devils best the Carolina Hurricanes.

The winner is New Jersey

I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.
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  1. Love the Ohio and Bobcats picks on your existential “winners”. Sad not to see the Ramblin’ Wreck/Yellow Jacket (named Buzz), but I’ll have no problem existentially if Romney wins the state of his birth. And yes, Deal is doing a great job here as viewed from this USC Gamecock’s Stone Mountain roost! more later…

  1. Love the Ohio and Bobcats picks on your existential “winners”. Sad not to see the Ramblin’ Wreck/Yellow Jacket (named Buzz), but I’ll have no problem existentially if Romney wins the state of his birth. And yes, Deal is doing a great job here as viewed from this USC Gamecock’s Stone Mountain roost! more later…

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