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Obama is Hiding Behind Their Skirts

Barack Obama has blood on his hands.  A lot of blood, both American and that of Middle Easterners, but right now we’re specifically concerned about American blood.  For him to hide behind Hillary Clinton’s skirt, and Susan Rice’s skirt, and Leon Panetta’s skirt, and Jay Carney’s skirt, and David Letterman’s skirt and Beyonce’s skirt and Geraldo Rivera’s skirt (see here .  The theatrical rant and deliberate presentation of the filmmaker’s photograph was a stunt which should have earned Geraldo another broken nose), in the matter of all the senseless and unnecessary deaths in the Middle East theater, is the absolute nadir of his presidency.  And it defines him.

The Commander-in-Chief is ultimately responsible for the Rules of Engagement for our troops serving overseas, whether by directive or by policy, and he is ultimately responsible also for the security of our Foreign Service personnel. Americans are being killed over there with regularity while not engaged in actual combat and any and all who would evilly or ignorantly in callous disregard for the facts on the ground, the history of radical Islam and  the Constitution of the United States and its protections, attempt to blame  private civilians in the US for this, deserve our contempt and our disdain.

But these Middle Eastern fiascos are not the only occasions where Obama has sought refuge behind a skirt.  In the matter of Obamacare he hid behind Nancy Pelosi’s skirt on the details of that dastardly act while taking credit for the grand themes behind the supposed purpose of PPACA – seeing to the health care needs of all Americans while drastically reducing cost of same, which of course was fiction.  Once the Act was passed, he hid behind Kathleen Sebelius’ skirt as HHS churned out all the rules and regulations pertaining to it.  His campaign didn’t even mention Obamacare at the National Convention.

In the matter of the disgraceful, unlawful and heinous acts of the Department of Justice during the Obama presidency, he has hidden behind Eric Holder’s skirt in the New Black Panthers affair, the Fast and Furious scandal, the illegal immigration lawsuits, the Inspector General firings and more.

In the matter of the response to the Gulf Oil Spill and it’s criminal, bungled handling, and the War on Fossil Fuels, he has hidden behind the skirts of Ken Salazar and Lisa Jackson.  In the matter of the ill-conceived, falsely presented and scandalously fraudulent “alternative energy’ schemes he has hidden behind Stephen Chu’s skirt.

After having promised to stand and fight beside the Unionistas in their whining complaints against capitalism when he was a candidate, Obama has hidden behind Hilda Solis’s skirt and let her pervert the office of the Department of Labor by politicizing every facet, every nuance, of that Cabinet office, while at the same time hiding behind Arne Duncan’s skirt as he stealthily does the same with the Department of Education.

Going back to the Chicago days, he hid behind Michelle’s skirt while engaging in all the community organizing chicanery as she rustled up walking-around money for him by hobnobbing with the Southside nouveau riche, pretending to be an executive.  He had to hide behind the skirts of the left-wing foundations and patient-to-a-fault University bigwigs in Chicago.  He couldn’t even pay his way after having been given an honorary law degree (we have to assume it was honorary because there are no public records of him having earned it.)

Returning from yesteryear to today’s focus, we see that he also hides behind the skirts of the LGBTQIA lobby, including those who wear pants instead of skirts, who refuse to speak out for one of their own, the recently outed Ambassador Chris Stevens, and instead join the Islamist-loving skirt-wearers to shield Obama from any responsibility for Stevens’ untimely and entirely preventable demise. How telling.  But of course, they do owe the Evolved One, don’t they?

Yet despite all of this, Maddow could not bring herself to ask the blindingly obvious question — why were Ambassador Stevens and other diplomatic personnel at a “lightly fortified consulate building”?

Instead, Maddow turned her wrath on a man who had nothing to do with leaving Stevens and those around him exposed to the tender mercies of jihadists — Mitt Romney.

Most of all, Obama has hidden behind The Media’s skirts.  The Media are a bunch of skirted,  fawning little harlots, whether male or female or undecided, who spread their skirts to cover for their boy, the one who never grew up and became a man. He can’t stand on his own merits because he has none.  He can’t stand on his own accomplishments because he has none.  His whole life has been a miserable failure. His Illinois senate seat and his US Senate seat were gifts from the corrupt Chicago Machine, and he contributed nothing to either body. He didn’t even elevate himself to the Presidency – the Media and the aforementioned Machine did. And now they have to cover him with their skirts.

But you can still see the blood dripping on the floor behind those skirts.  That’s coming from the hands of Barack Obama.  He may be a coward, but it’s still on him. He emerged from behind the skirts at the Democrat National Convention for one brief moment to utter these words –  “I’m the President”  – before retreating back behind the skirts.  Oh, yes.  You are The President.  Yes you are, you stuttering……



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Nice shotgun blast there, Bob; sometime you must tell us how you really feel 🙂
So I’m assuming that along with the Brit’s Churchill bust Juggy has also returned Truman’s desk adornment which said ‘The buck stops here’?


Can I just say it? yeah I will, he is pussy, he is not a man, he is not a woman he is a straight up androgynous weak NOTHING! He thinks he is a rock star, he is a jerk, he parties while the world burns, I have never, ever, even Clinton/Lewinsky have been this embarrassed for the United States of America!

Lady Penguin

Oh, Bob, I love this post! One of your best. I know, so politically incorrect, but still…so true. I tweeted this today: “Obama still fiddles while the Middle-East burns and Americans die. It’s one big champagne party for him with his Hollywood buds.” It is an embarrassment for the country, but unfortunately we have too many who see the world through the lens of who’s going to be the next American Idol, instead of recognizing that leadership and doing the job of president isn’t made of glitz and gold leaf. Of course, when everything goes south, these same Obama idol… Read more »


I guess the system here only allows 3 stars, but if I could I’d give it 5. Yes as Lady P says one of your best if not THE best.


If he had a conscience, Obama would be screaming “Out damned spot!”

What’s done cannot be undone.