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It Is UN-American To Put A Elected Politician Above The Constitution

My God, what is this “cult of personality” that has become of our beautifully laid out Constitutional Republic? The mocking of Obama and his disgusting attempt for attention with the weird pictures of his OFA members was fun, but then the Obamanistas thought it was fine to do this to our flag. Sickening. Flag.

Our beautiful symbol of FREEDOM is being destroyed and degraded by a man so in love with himself, he would party on the night of the slaughter of a US Ambassador and two former – Navy Seals. Presidents do not do that, they stop, they pause, they commiserate with fellow Americans, it is called decorum.

The left in this country is something I could never envision in my lifetime, hell we could use Nazi comparisons but that is too damn easy. The “devotion” to an elected official of the people is stomach turning, they are just people, they are supposed to be OF the people, so that we don’t get into a “cult of personality.” It isn’t just Obama for goodness sakes, a guy said he would DIE for Debbie Wasserman Shultz, a woman who couldn’t care less about him, his family, or his future. She will dine with the rich and famous while he literally would die for her. Pathetic.

It is, as I always say, the so-called mainstream media, who are the enemy of the good that is America; they propagandize these Americans, who no doubt have serious issues with being able to relate in a mentally stable way. We The People do not DIE for our elected politicians, we elect them, if they do their job correctly they get re-elected, if they don’t they get fired, it’s all quite simple, and yet, here we are. The media has elevated these Democrats to the level of kings and queens. We once fought a war to stop that and we aren’t going back. Hollywood helps to make these elected officials something bigger than they are, and their mentally deranged devotion to a politician is frightening Ms. Alba We The People Pledge Ourselves To America, Not To A Chicago Politician

They said if we voted for McCain, the Zombie Apocalypse would come … and they were right! As Twitchy reported yesterday, these particular zombies pledge allegiance to the Flag of Obama.

Wake up!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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