Why Obama Doubles Down


As the campaign season unfolded this presidential election year, and as the American economy failed to improve, political analysts first speculated that Barack Obama would have to move toward the center in his policies to appease the moderates and the independents.  When he didn’t, when he doubled down on his socialist policies, many of them professed amazement.  When he still didn’t, a few of them still professed amazement.  When he still didn’t, maybe one or two of them still professed amazement.  And when he still didn’t, what did you hear?  That’s right.  Crickets.

Never, ever underestimate the power and sway of a committed totalitarian regime. When Obama told everyone he could do what he wanted to do because “he won,” he for darned sure wasn’t whistling a tune dear to the ears of freedom lovers.  And he doubled down by telling people to quit listening to Rush Limbaugh.  Please note that he didn’t tell them to quit listening to George Stephanopolous, or the Associated Press.  The reason he didn’t is because he knew, he flat knew, that there was absolutely nothing he could do that would make the press turn against him.  Nothing.

Four dead foreign service personnel in Benghazi, Libya, including the US Ambassador, whose body was dragged through the streets and photographed. And according to the Associated Press, this was a disaster for…Mitt Romney.

Friends, the reason that Obama doubles down, the reason that federal authorities are investigating the supposed creator or distributor or source of a stupid You Tube video in California and will probably soon be detaining Pastor Terry Jones in Florida is because there is absolutely nothing, we say once again nothing, that Obama could do that would cause the press to turn against him. We are not in the lame duck session, folks.  This is brazen.  Fifty-five days before the most important election in 32 years…supposedly.


Obama could set Sasha and Mahlia up with a stand on the sidewalk outside the White House distributing free condoms and the press would attack the first Phyllis Schafly or Michelle Bachman who dared criticize the move.  When you ascend to the level of Dear Leader, you are above criticism.

Some of us are content to trash the current polling data as slanted, biased, unfairly weighted. Some of us point to the diminishing NBC viewership or the insolvency and bankruptcy of various newspaper companies and tell us the press doesn’t matter anymore. The public are just so on to them and have all these alternate information sources, and still retain all their traditional values, and still ‘cling’ to their First-through-Tenth Amendment rights and all those reassuring sentiments we hear, and ourselves like to believe, so often. Well, if it makes us feel better momentarily, fine. But Barack Obama is not conditioning his behavior on what our opinion of the polling data is. Nor is his demeanor affected by the plight of any group or subgroup of Americans, whether evangelical Christians, unemployed Black males, US ambassadors, Navy Seals or anyone else. He can do as he pleases because he won and because the press will not turn against him no matter what.

For that matter, he can do absolutely nothing at all, as he has for most of his presidency, and the press will do it for him. For God’s sake, he won a Nobel Prize for doing absolutely nothing at all! He is the Gift to Oratory, the Hero of Abbottabad, the Greatest Constitutional Scholar in the History of America and he saved Tens of Millions of Lives with his signature first-term achievement, Health Care Reform.  Oh, how we could go on!  This is not brain surgery, folks. You can do this.

Obama can double down by going to the LaRaza convention and declaring that if he had his way he would, or when he gets his way he will,  dictate changes to the US immigration laws. Or he can simply go golfing and let AP writers, whether with Latino surnames or not, declare that the children of illegal immigrants are being battered and bruised and abused by the entity known as the United States of America, or the individual states of  Arizona, Georgia or Texas and such abuse shall not stand.  Obama doesn’t have to lift a finger unless he wants to.

Neither did Hitler. Neither did Stalin. Neither did Mao Tse Tung.  When they told the mobs to “punish our enemies” (have you heard that phrase anytime in the last three years?  Yes.  Yes you have.) they had a compliant press glorifying The State. In a well-ordered society, some things are just understood. In the United States of America today we have a compliant press glorifying The State.  They are now doing Obama’s doubling down for him.  He doesn’t have to lift a finger.   And he most certainly doesn’t have to answer any questions.  As if anyone would dare ask them.


First, they came for the polling data; then, they came for the poll books.


h/t: Moos Room

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September 15, 2012 9:46 pm

Excellent diatribe as usual Bob. I still can’t get my mother away from CBS but she seems like she knows and understands more than what she hears from MSM.

Yes, the press is in love with Obama and his family. I am showing my age, but I remember how in love the media was with the Kennedys, especially Jackie.

vassar bushmills
September 16, 2012 7:19 am

In the last days, when it is obvious Obama is going to lose anyway, despite all their best efforts, like Marc Anthony, the media will not come to praise Caesar, but to bury him. What they will not do is crash and burn with him.

redneck hippie
September 16, 2012 10:41 am

You’ve captured the mood perfectly, not to say nailed the zeitgeist. Not that of our era, but that of the awakened formerly silent majority.