Friday, October 15, 2021
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And the LSM Psy-Ops War Continues

Well, another LSM poll came out this morning, this one the CBS/soon-to-be-defunct NYTimes poll. And it shows our fearless, media-exalted President up by 3.

Now let’s move into reality. Now, despite digging through all the numbers, the polling denizens at these esteemed journalistic institutions didn’t bother to publish the partisan breakdown. /faints

However, under age demographics, they showed the President leading in the 18-29 age group by 53-45. Sports fans, that’s an age group which He-Who-Will-Stop-the-Oceans-from-Rising won by a 66-32 margin in 2008. Now, the 18-29% group made up 18% of the electorate in ’08. So…if you do a little math, Obama’s margin w/18% of the electorate (and that’s assuming they will make up 18% of the electorate again, which I highly doubt) has decreased by 26%. The impact of that on the overall electorate is 4.68% of the popular vote.

Since BHO accumulated 53% of the vote in ’08, that alone takes him down to 48.4%. And that assumes that African-Americans and Hispanics turn out in the same numbers which they did in ’08 (again…highly doubtful) nor does it take into account the river of whites who, having rid themselves of their white guilt in ’08, have woken up and smelled the java.

It’s all psy-ops, folks.

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