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I’ve Never Been So Proud



September 11, 2011

by Denny Boysen

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the NYPD; NYFD,

Don’t feel badly that you were not invited to the memorial at the

World Trade Center

 Neither was I.

Your Friend,


It was sometime in the afternoon September 11, 2001, when I finally called my father

I’d been on my way to to an appointment with a customer in in Annapolis when I head that first one, then a second plane had hit the World Trade Center.   Like most Americans, I hadn’t paid much attention to first one, figuring it some idiot committing suicide by aircraft.  Guess in a way I was right.  It was when the news announcer on the radio said a second plane had hit the second tower, I heard the, seven-something-seven, I said Oh Shit, we’re at F’ng war.  Didn’t need to be too smart to figure that one out
The meeting was shorter than planned, my customer was a project manager of some sort at Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC,  His office called while we were talking and said If you’re still alive we need you in here.  I went home, turned on the news and checked on my daughters.  Two were in college,  they were where they belonged, the youngest still lived at home and she was fine.
My boss called with an inane question about what customers I was going to see that afternoon.  Instead of asking him if he was out of his mind and risking a long conversation, I tossed out the first two names that came to mind and hung up.  No one was going to want to talk about buying windows that afternoon
It was time to call my father and see how he was handling it.
My father was a retired Captain in the DC Fire Department, a veteran of thousands of fires, he’d left a couple of them in an ambulance. It was clear by then,  the NYC Fire Department had suffered a horrendous hit.  His first words caught me by surprise..


I’ve never been so proud of having been a fire fighter as I am today, I’ve never been as proud of my profession as I am today, those guys could have stayed outside, but they didn’t.”


Three-hundred and forty-three Fire Fighters lost their lives that day, every one of them knew the risk.  Most people don’t realize it,  Fire Fighters do, steel beams will twist out of shape, buckle and  contribute to structural damage in a hot fire faster than wood beams will burn and collapse.  Those were well aware that a fire, fueled by that quantity of aviation fuel was plenty hot enough to cause steel to melt.  And even the rookies knew when structural members start to give way, very bad things happen.

They went in anyway, they went in to get other people out

Last September 11th, the Mayor Of New York City didn’t  consider New York City’s Fire Fighters worthy of attending the 10th anniversary of that day, at the place where so many of the friends and brother Fire Fighters gave their lives trying to save others.

Someday the mayor will need an ambulance, happens to us all sooner or later.. He’ll get it and the crew will do their damnedest to save his life.  It will only be later, over a drink, or maybe on their way back to the fire house;  someone will ask why they didn’t let the son of a bitch die..



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