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Yogi Berra: America is Split Right Down the Middle…75-25

No, Yogi didn’t say that but it is the sort of thing he might say.

A side-by-side comparison of the two party conventions the past two weeks allows us some perspective about the upcoming election. But most of all, it verifies the math we intuitively sensed with the 2010 mid-term landslide, the 2011 Bob McDonnell-GOP sweep in Virginia, and the three-peat set of Scott Walker’s wins in Wisconsin, all of which pollsters say isn’t so.

It is.

We outnumber them in enthusiasm, fire-in-the-belly, hard work, GOTV, new registrations, and also it seems, raw numbers. In truth, there never were enough liberal democrats of the left to make any headway against the 70-30 margin I just mentioned. There are certain laws of nature against it, in fact. The only way the 30 can rule the 70 is thru bribery and deceit, as we are seeing now, or a naked takeover of power (which we can never rule out).

This fight isn’t so much a match-up between Republicans and Democrats as it is a match-up between for-Obama vs against-Obama, for-America vs against-America, for-freedom, against-state control. These are gut issues all and transcend not only party, but traditional conservatism and liberalism, for even a lot of liberals are not comfortable with the blunt dictatorship of the state, especially since history always shows, being the duped enablers of the takeover, are the first to squawk, and the first to be taken out to be shot. (See Naive, below). Thousands of unnamed graveyards in Russia, China, Germany, Poland, Hungary, the Balkans, are littered with the bones of liberals who had their second thoughts too late.

This should not only come as good news, but an affirmation of what you’ve always known in your hearts, and seen played out in those three election rounds just mentioned (actually more) since the 2008 election.

In fact, no society, much less a Constitution and freedom-loving one, could survive, if the poll numbers were actually as close as the pollsters say.

(There are reasons, not entirely ideological, and more often mercenary, why pollsters say these things, by the way. For one, they have not yet learned how to design new polling templates to count the new classes of voters that have emerged since 2008, especially tea party members, who no longer claim allegiance to any political tribe. The establishment views them like ronin, roaming bands of soldiers who always throw monkey-wrenches into best laid plans. Empirically they can be counted as that mass of seemingly unorganized voters who simply refuse to move in unison to the dictates of their parties. Some wear Ds, some wear Rs on their names, but they all wear the lavaliere of the Gamma Delta Iotas ( ΓΔΙ ) over their hearts. For pollsters, they are the un-fathomables and the un-countables, and they really don’t want to know who they are. Again this is more mercenary than ideological, for pollsters don’t want to have to go back and completely revamp methodologies that have stood the test of time for over sixty years. “Who should have to account for a swarm of bees in an election cycle? Surely they will go away, soon.”

(But the bottom line is that even those pollsters who are pro-Obama, and would otherwise fall into the 30% stupid bloc (see below) are not so stupid as to know that if they put all their eggs on one basket and bet their favorite they may find themselves out of clients and out of work come next election cycle. Election season is the Christmas buying season for polling retailers, and all they have to do is put one defect on the shelf and be out of business.)

Trust me, for those who want to be able to eat and live large in 2016, pollsters will come around by October.

In all areas of human endeavor that are universally recognized as “survival enhancing” for a society, consider

Common Sense (75%) vs Stupid (25%) Take my word for it. Bernie Chumm called these “three dotters” vs “two dotters”. Society grows and moves on the backs of those who can connect more than two dots in every field of human endeavor.

Practical and Worldly (75%) vs Insulated and Naive (25%) The insulated and naive think they can tell us how best to drive a car, even though only the practical and worldly can dream of one, design and build one, then design and build roads that will keep them from falling apart. Reverse the formula and society hobbles down.

Truth (75%) vs Lies (25%) No society can survive long on lies. In fact, 25% is the outer limits of what a society can bear, I think. Either it collapses into tyranny, or once again we start stringing up liars; culling the herd, so to speak. A society bent on survival will always choose the latter.

Common Morality (75) vs Immorality (25%)  Still, way too high.

Smiles (75%) vs Frowns (25%)  How can a party that goes around looking like the town busybody and witch, Margaret Hamilton, lure even 10% more over to its side? Who wants to live in the permanent shadow of a mountain, much less anger, fear, and a constant state of self-righteous indignation?

Workers (75%) vs Takers (25%) This is simple math (but caution, see Stupids, above) for when the takers outnumber the workers, there will be nothing left to take. Today Takers probably exceed this 25% and are perilously close to a breaking point, for they represent the largest institutional voting bloc with the Looters (see below). They are the permanent and impermanent recipients of public assistance.  They are the biggest risk to the American economy, American freedom, for they are paid to vote against both, and the American Dream, for they are paid not to believe it in.

The good news is the majority either want to shed off this status, or want their children to be shed of it. It must be our highest priority to show them the way out of that ladder-less deluxe apartment in the ground the state is trying to provide them.

Producers (75%) vs Looters (25%). When Ayn Rand described “looters” she was speaker more of the political class who are procurers for the Takers, although much of the state class (bureaucracies), for the pay they receive and the value of work they do, also lean more toward a lazy, leisure class than either workers or producers in the private sector. Every successful company knows this number should not exceed 15%. I’m sure Mitt Romney does.

Honorable Women (75%) vs Sleep-arounds (25%) What society can survive when a majority of its women hang out in sports bars every Saturday night trying to score? This number can never get very high in nature, 25% probably its peak, meaning by inference, most professional feminists are also stupid. Obama got 70% of them in 2008, but at least 15% of them have now lost their jobs, which makes their primary mission of finding a nice guy to settle down with in the workplace almost impossible. (Feminists are also naive…or lesbian.)

Compare all the Virtues with Vices, and the split is still generally 75-25. But the key political indicators are the Stupids and the Takers, and ultimately the Looters. It is their combined voting power that is reflected in polls that show the current election a virtual tie, or Obama even leading. While missing the mark by as many as 10 points, in a proper state of nature, the split should generally be 65%-35%, (and when the Democrat Party is returned to responsible constitutionally-grounded leadership, never closer than 55%-45%. But that’s a ways away. But yes, in Nature, Obama should lose by 30.

Where the numbers are reversed

Public Schools and Higher Education (70%)-Honest education (30%)  These are the factories where Stupids, Looters and many Takers are produced. They are factories, with new raw materials coming in one door and finished products moving onto loading docks every year. 95% of all those products carry the strain of at least one virus that had been embedded in the 16 plus years a person stayed in the system.

It is here everyone is taught to believe they are being virtuous by stealing (taking) from their producing neighbors, or virtuous by redefining the Constitution to mean whatever their appetites say it should be. In graduate or professional schools they can grow into full viral Looters, where the success rate is often closer to 50%.

A liberal (sic) application of Raid Flea, Tick, Bug, Roach, Insect, Ant, Wasp killer is the only known remedy to keep the national garden relatively free of creepy crawlers, weeds, and unwanted head lice.

So, electorally 75-25 sound like really great numbers, but in many survival categories they aren’t. In fact 30% may be a tipping point. 70%-30% is really a dangerous ratio. In the well-tended, pest free society, 80-20, even 90-10 in some categories, is normal. And this is still attainable, but it will take time, a stiff jaw, and perseverance.

America has never had 30% stupids, layabout and takers before, or Looters, so while we may enjoy still holding a 75-25 majority in most categories, the country, its economy, and its moral and cultural institutions are all showing fissure cracks from the stress. At 35%-40% we cannot recover. Fortunately, common sense and virtue (still at 75-25) seem to be taking things in hand.

So this is not the time to sit back and count up your winnings, for what the Dems cannot win by hook, they are willing to try by crook. They still have a 100-0 advantage over us in dead people who still vote, or vote multiple times. In 2008, that crook was substantial in enough places like Ohio and Minnesota (I hope they both have all that sorted out by now) that they can still turn key states if they can keep it close.

Good news: It is ours to lose. So strap them on and get out there.

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