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The President’s rhetoric vs the reality of our nation’s debt

From Darrell Issa:

Just in time for Immaculation, Part 2 –

Our national debt is now more than 16 trillion dollars. The president’s current budget has received zero votes. Senate Democrats haven’t even passed a budget in more than 3 years. It’s time for serious solutions to solve our fiscal crisis. Visit to learn more.

Funny, the Democrat complaint during the GOP Convention was that there was never a mention of Iraq or Afghanistan. Well the war in Iraq is over, and yeah, I’d like to know the plan for Afghanistan, but here’s a number that Democrats won’t mention even once during their convention – sixteen. As in, the sixteen trillion in debt B. Hussein Obama has steered us into. No budgets ever passed by the Reid Senate, or signed by the Obama White House. Just kick the can.

The Treasury Department said total government debt hit $16,015,769,788,215.80 on Friday, up $25 billion from the day before. The amount of federal debt subject to the borrowing limit is actually slightly less, as it doesn’t include several types of borrowing, and it stood at $15.977 trillion on Friday.

The government is projected to run a deficit of between $1.1 trillion and $1.2 trillion in the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, meaning that spending will outpace tax revenue by that amount over 12 months.

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