A Tale of Two Cities


It has been said that all politics is local.  Whether or not that is so, politics, in some localities, is vocal.

Take a good look at the picture below which is associated with this article.  These people are upset, to put it mildly. And with good reason. Not only do they understand that freedom isn’t free, that they have to insist on it and work for it, but they do so while surrounded, indeed live constantly under the imperious, ever-watchful eye of the Communist regime that holds the mortgage on their domicile, the city of Hong Kong.

>>>>>BACKGROUND – Hong Kong was a British Territory and Protectorate for over 150 years until 1997 when the Brits abandoned it to the Chinese because…because…well, anyway, China owns it now<<<<<

Thousands of protesters surrounded Hong Kong’s government headquarters on Monday over a plan to introduce a pro-China school curriculum that they describe as an attempt to brainwash students.

They DO NOT WANT THE STATE BRAINWASHING THEIR CHILDREN.  A pretty simple desire of people yearning to breathe free – until recently – something the overwhelming majority of us Americans thought was a no-brainer in our country. (For you uncomprehending liberals, it has to do with the First Amendment, and the Tenth Amendment, and the pursuit of happiness …..and stuff.  Archaic,  yeah, we know.)

Compare and contrast with what’s going on in the City of Denver.  That would be in Colorado in the Land of the Free and the Home of Progressivism.  What is justice, what are social values and how future citizens should think and act and  participate in somebody’s notion of an ideal community are now to be dictated by the Denver Public School System.  Is that their job?  Is that their function?

Denver Public Schools is implementing a new system to evaluate teachers. In order to achieve a coveted “distinguished” rating, teachers at each grade level must show that they “encourage” students to “challenge and question the dominant culture” and “take social action to change/improve society or work for social justice.”

Well, if you’re a socially conscious, politically correct-thinking, liberally-persuaded 21st Century-ite, and all that, you might believe somebody else should teach your kids what habits are hip.  You probably would argue “Well, duh!  It’s public, right?  Public schools, that’s in public; that’s like “social”; so that’s like fairness and equality and everybody joining hands and getting a good education and …..living united, isn’t it? ”  Uh huh.  Teaching kindergarteners to “challenge and question the dominant culture” is job one.  Good grief.

Yeah.  All of that good stuff.   Here’s the thing, you semi-comatose Denver residents – just substitute the word “State” for “Public” in “Denver Public Schools.”  Now go take a shot of Jack Daniels to clear your head and ask yourselves who you want to be responsible for your children’s values and belief systems – you or The State?  A word of caution:  If you’re a member of the ‘dominant culture’, be ready for an earful when little Johnny gets off the bus.

>>>>>We wanted to include a photo of the massive protests by Denver residents against The State attempting to brainwash their children but unfortunately there are no photos available because…there are no protests….against The State brainwashing children …..in Denver.<<<<<

Okay, Coloradans, if you care a whit about learning, can you learn something from an Asian community?  Here’s their theme : “We want our children to learn the Three R’s in school, their values at home and their politics from their life experiences. “  Hong Kong has so much to offer you people.


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September 6, 2012 8:51 am

After we win this election, we got some really heavy lifting to do in places like the big blue cities. If I had young children, no way I would let them go to public schools.

September 6, 2012 9:19 am

The concept– social justice has been promoted for a long time by education experts like Bill Ayers and Mike Klonsky, it was central to the Small Schools Workshop that Obama helped fund from his various board positions- It’s a part of the NEA’s agenda But successful social justice education ensures that teachers strike a balance between debating sociopolitical problems that affect children’s lives and teaching them academic basics on which they will be tested. A science teacher can plant an urban garden, allowing students to learn about plant biology, the imbalance in how fresh produce is distributed and how that… Read more »