Republicans Need To Win Everywhere They Have A Chance


With the exception of New Hampshire, New England does not elect Republicans to the US House. There are four Republican nominees who, according to Real Clear Politics, have a chance to get elected. While New York is not a New England state, it is liberal. Real Clear Politics sees a seat in New York that a Republican can win defeating incumbent Democrat Nita Lowey. Not much attention has been paid to these candidates who are not darlings of any Tea Party organizations.

Recently a reporter asked NRCC chairman Pete Sessions how the House Republican conference could work with one of these candidates if he is elected. The implication in that question is that Republicans are radical extremists with zero tolerance for anybody not exactly like them. Once again, don’t be suckered into accepting their narrative. The media, academia, and entertainment industries have been relentless in portraying Republicans as evil whites who only care about rich people who live the same way they do. So much so that there are parts of the US that have been so bamboozled that they will never vote for a Republican. Republicans should support Republicans winning seats wherever they have a chance of winning.

Below are a photo and a brief synopsis from each of these five Republicans’ website. While some may wince, hopefully most will support these men winning their elections this November.

Kevin Raye Maine’s 2nd congressional district

He and his wife Karen own and operate their own small family business in Eastport, so he understands first-hand the challenges Maine’s small business owners face every day.

Earlier in his life, Kevin worked for Olympia Snowe in Bangor, where he helped seniors, veterans and other Mainers cut through federal red tape. He worked his way up to become Snowe’s top aide in Maine, running offices in Auburn, Bangor and Presque Isle. From 1994 to 2001. Kevin served on Capitol Hill as her Chief of Staff in the United States Senate.

Kevin was elected to the Maine Senate in 2004, representing Washington County and parts of Hancock and Penobscot Counties. There, Kevin’s hard work, strong voice and leadership skills quickly earned the respect of his colleagues, and he rose to the position of Senate Republican Leader.

In 2010, Kevin was unanimously elected to serve as President of the Senate, where he has become known for his effective leadership encouraging the two parties to work together to balance the state budget and create jobs in Maine. In the Senate, he helped shepherd to passage a budget that reduced state debt, enacted the largest tax cut in Maine history, strengthened the state retirement system, reformed welfare and made education a priority.

He sponsored LD 1, Maine’s landmark regulatory reform bill, and is a strong voice for fiscal responsibility and common sense — exactly what we need in Washington.

Kevin Raye… A Stronger Voice for Maine.

Richard Tisei Massachusetts’ 6th congressional district

Richard attended Lynnfield Public Schools before earning his B.A. degree from American University in 1984. That same year, Richard won a surprise victory in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, becoming the youngest Republican ever elected to that body.

A realtor and small businessman in Lynnfield, Richard went on to win another upset election as a state senator in 1990. Tisei won in an overwhelmingly Democratic-registered district in which Republicans were usually out-numbered by around 9 to 1. That same year, he was asked by former U.S. Attorney Bill Weld to serve as his Campaign Chairman for Governor. Weld won an upset election, becoming the first Republican Governor in Massachusetts in 20 years.

As a state senator, Richard fought for a legislative agenda that emphasized government reforms and transparency for the taxpayers. He opposed tax increases and staunchly advocated balanced budgets which controlled proposed spending. Former Governor Paul Cellucci described him as a “principled friend and ally” when it came to “fighting to reduce taxes, cut spending, or reform state government.” As State Senate Minority Leader in 2010, Richard led opposition to the sales tax increase and offered over $1 billion in cost-saving reform measures.

Richard earned a top score of 100 in 2009 from the Citizens for Limited Taxation and has consistently received high marks from other pro-growth groups in the state which monitor legislator’s voting records on issues pertaining to job creation, spending, and support for small business. Among these groups are the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, the Mass High Technology Council, and the Massachusetts Federation of Independent Businesses.

Richard played an important role in passage of several significant measures during his time in the legislature, including the 1993 Welfare Reform Law and the Whistleblower Protection Law. Welfare Reform, signed into law by Governor William Weld, was considered a model reform for the nation. The Whistleblower Protection Act was a landmark in the protection of healthcare workers from harassment or retaliation by employers for reporting patient abuse or unsafe working conditions.

Richard, whose father suffered from “Lou Gehrig’s disease” (ALS) and sister is disabled, has been recognized as a steadfast advocate for children, the disabled, and senior citizens. He’s won Legislator of the Year awards from such groups as the National Alliance for the Mentally-Ill (Massachusetts), the Massachusetts Silver-Haired Legislature, the Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, the Mystic Valley Elder Services, and the YMCAs of Massachusetts – among others. In 2009, he was awarded the Housing Families’ 2009 Community Hero Award for his advocacy efforts on behalf of homeless families.

In 2010, Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker named Richard as his running mate and was confirmed unanimously by delegates at the 2010 Republican State Convention as the candidate for Lieutenant Governor. The Baker / Tisei ticket lost statewide, but carried the 6th Congressional District handily.

Richard, who has three sisters, lives with his partner of 18 years, Bernie Starr, in their home on Main Street in Wakefield, MA. They are co-owners of Northrup Associates Realtors in Lynnfield, MA., which has grown into one of the largest independent real estate firms on the North Shore. Richard served as President of the Eastern Middlesex Association of Realtors and was named “Realtor of the Year” by the group in 2009. Richard is a licensed real estate broker and insurance agent, and is a member of the Lynn and Wakefield Chambers of Commerce.

Brendan Doherty Rhode Island’s 1st congressiomal district

I am extremely proud to have had the honor of working for the Rhode Island State Police and helping protect Rhode Islanders. Some of the most important work I performed was while I was working as a detective in the Organized Crime and the Public Corruption units. I worked tirelessly to hold accountable individuals who stole from their companies, clients, families, and Rhode Island taxpayers. I fought organized crime in its heyday and helped dismantle the Rhode Island mob; an organization that has left Rhode Island with an unfortunate reputation.

Public service has always been important to me. I have spent my entire career working to keep Rhode Islanders safe, but being a police officer was only one part of that. When I served Rhode Island as the Superintendent of the RI State Police, I founded a community outreach program that focused on working to make a difference in the lives of children from inner city neighborhoods. I have also coached youth sports and helped organize numerous initiatives to help young Rhode Islanders achieve their potential. When former Governor Donald Carcieri asked me to serve on the Board of Directors of the Beacon Mutual Insurance Company, I agreed and helped turn that company around through the strong, no-nonsense leadership that I learned from the State Police.

In my work as a public servant, I have faced adversity, conflict, and danger, but as a result I have emerged a stronger and more determined leader. I saw first-hand the struggles of every day working people; some faced with difficulties and obstacles unimaginable to others. Over the course of my career I have arrested murderers, extortionists, drug dealers, child pornography dealers, identity thieves, corrupt public officials and other persons dangerous to society. Yet, despite seeing this dark side of human nature, I still firmly believe in the basic goodness of people and the amazing potential of this beautiful state and our great nation. On this amazing journey that I have traveled, I have witnessed the faith, perseverance, and hard work of many, many struggling families. To me this epitomizes the spirit of Rhode Island – HOPE.

I believe in the kind of American exceptionalism envisioned by our great leaders like Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan. I believe in practicing what you preach, leading by example, and being respectful of the differing points of view that is fundamental to our great nation. I believe people, especially leaders, should be held accountable for their actions and/or inactions. I believe that people helping people, while a simple concept, is the ultimate driver of a successful society. I have spent my entire career helping and protecting people and I want to continue to serve by bringing my leadership skills to Washington. I want to be a citizen representative whose first and only commitment is to represent one group – the citizens of Rhode Island.

I am Brendan Doherty and I humbly ask you to support my candidacy for the United States Congress in RI’s 1st district so together we can help put America and Rhode Island on the path to greatness and prosperity. We are after all, exceptional.

Steve Obsitnik Connecticut’s 4th congressional district

Steve is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, having been nominated by the Honorable Stewart McKinney (R, CT). Upon receiving a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with honors, Steve had a five year career in the U.S. Navy primarily serving as a Lieutenant on board the U.S.S. Ray (SSN653), a Sturgeon class nuclear attack submarine. He was awarded eight medals during deployments to the Arctic Circle, Atlantic and Mediterranean. Steve also served in the Pentagon with the Bureau of Naval Personnel and Submarine Squadron Six in Charleston, SC.

Over the past 20 years, Steve has worked in the technology industry as a business executive in both the Silicon Valley and Connecticut. His expertise is bringing innovative products to market and building global businesses that serve multinational customers by working with world-class research and development organizations, including SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute) and the Sarnoff Corporation. Most recently, Steve has been the CEO of Quintel, a provider of wireless infrastructure to mobile operators with operations in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

As a first generation American, Steve has lived the American Dream. His grandparents and father left Czechoslovakia in 1938 for the coal mines of Pennsylvania. Steve’s father was the first one in his family to attend college and after a successful business career served as the U.S. Ambassador to the Slovak Republic. At the height of the Great Depression, his German grandparents came to the U.S. not speaking English. His German grandfather worked hard to build his company, American Products, which was ultimately recognized by President Ronald Reagan as the U.S. Small Business of the Year in 1982. These role models stressed hard work, integrity, education and fairness. Equally important, Steve’s grandmother, mother and mother-in-law, have all been public school teachers and have been a formative part of his life.

Steve looks forward to being your voice in the U.S. Congress, filling the voids that are missing in Washington. Steve is a voice that understands how small businesses and innovation grow and drive our economy. A voice that understands our armed forces, veterans and their families. A voice that understands the challenges of the next generation. A voice that supports the elderly and less fortunate. Steve Obsitnik: A voice that is locally invested globally experienced.

Joe Carvin New York’s 17th congressional district

Joe Carvin is a businessman and a father. He and his wife, Roz, got tired of what was happening in local politics, so Joe ran for Town Supervisor of Rye. He ran as a Republican; everyone laughed at him — and he won.

Joe saw property taxes killing his neighbors and local store owners, so he did what politicians always promise but never do: He figured out what was a waste of money and got rid of it. As Supervisor, he cut spending 25% and lowered taxes every year. Imagine that. Then he refused to take a salary.

Joe then figured out that the Town of Rye itself is unnecessary. It is a redundant level of government no one needs, so he began working to eliminate it and his job — you can’t be a town supervisor without a town — and his plan is now on track to happen. All the services will remain; they just won’t get duplicated and triplicated, which always seems to happen in New York.

The more Joe saw of local government, the more he realized just how fouled up it was. But when he began looking into the federal government, he panicked, as he should have. Joe is a numbers guy. He has run huge agricultural investments all over the world, so when he began to look deeply into the nation’s balance sheets, he realized the extent of the problems we face. So he decided to run for federal office.

Joe has lots of interests. He speaks five languages. He loves sports and travel. But if you’re looking for a congressman focused on anything other than the economy, he may not be your guy.

Joe is all about the economy. It’s why he’s running. As he sees it, we’re all in trouble if we don’t get serious about the national debt and our annual operating deficits of about 40 cents on every dollar we spend. He knows his kids and your kids are getting stuck with the bill for our overspending today, and he wants to go to Washington to tackle the crisis. When that’s done, he’ll come home.

Joe has lived all over the world, on five continents. He has worked mostly in emerging markets, so he has seen first-hand the competition our children will face. It’s no joke. If we don’t begin improving our educational standards, reducing debt, and getting realistic about our entitlement programs, our kids are going to be in huge trouble. We’re literally stealing from them today. It has to stop. If we don’t, the America we know will not exist for them in 25 years. That is not a matter of opinion, it is matter of math.

Joe will work with anyone in Congress. He could care less about the partisan circus down there. He is a father and a businessman first and he wants to do his part to help save this country economically and come back home to his family.

He’s running as an underdog for Congress, and he could use your help and support.

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I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.

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Mike DeVine
September 4, 2012 1:24 pm

Nice group pil

September 4, 2012 3:22 pm

Nice lineup, Pil. Good luck to them.

vassar bushmills
September 4, 2012 3:24 pm

INterestingly, except for maybe the Maine Blueberries (one now retiring) I can’t see even moderate GOP members voting against GOP initiatives to the point they could obstruct. The Dems will try to obstruct, but unliek the GOP, will offer no real legislation as the GOP has done as out-party. It should be a GOP show for some time, an encouragement for moderates to put an R instead of D in front of their names. I just hope this time, the GOP is more pro-active in real reform

September 4, 2012 7:09 pm

States that were solidly in the Obama camp are now in play, districts that have been historically Democrat are now competitive, and the concept of American exceptionalism that had fallen from grace is making a robust comeback. You’re the bearer of good tidings these days, Pilgrim. Makes a fella want to withdraw some of those millions he’s got socked away in those Swiss accounts and invest in America again next year. 🙂