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Remember way back in the old days of last weekend, when an immediately-apologized-for-gaffe by a conservative Republican pro-life, even in the case of rape, candidate for the U.S. Senate was selfishly putting himself before “the cause” by refusing to drop out of his race to deny Obamcare Democrat Claire McCaskill re-election, because it was “obvious” he couldn’t win?

But now, less than five days later, in the Modern Post-Akin Era, lo and behold:

Despite widespread assertions that Missouri Republican Rep. W. Todd Akin’s abortion remarks have made him a heavy underdog in the state’s U.S. Senate race, a Democratic-leaning polling firm released a poll Thursday showing him in a virtual dead heat with incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

According to the survey by Public Policy Polling, Mrs. McCaskill has support from 45 percent of likely Missouri voters compared with 44 percent for Mr. Akin, a result that differs strongly from polls conducted last week by other firms.

Cockstradamus, after last week’s polls, and before this week’s poll:

In preparation for our Todd Akin prognostication we acknowledged the usual circular Republican firing squads say how high when the MSM/Dems say jump. Then we saw Rep. Akin for less than 15 seconds yesterday vowing not to drop out. There was something different about his vow than of those made by Trent Lotts wishing old men happy birthdays over the years.

Akin will not drop out and we are finally going to get to see what happens when a conservative rides out a storm. Cockstradamus sees the calls for Akin to withdraw fading over time, the “issue” a rape-exception for abortion fading, and a reversion of the race to a referendum on the pro-Obama agenda voting record of the incumbent Democrat. Can you say Senator Akin? Get used to it and prepare to enjoy the sublime silence of his votes to repeal Obamacare, etc.

Finally, we will get to see some MSM and Media Wizards of Smart myths debunked with the arrival of a conservative with the backbone to ride out the MSM end-of-the-world, fetish-of-the-week aka conventional wisdom that one is banished from polite company; period; paragraph, because the noses-in-the-air “experts of all parties and ideologies said so.

Akin will win because McCaskill voted for Obama’s failed agenda that has caused and continues to cause so much economic suffering and because abortion in the case of rape, incest and the desire not have BMW payment anxiety remains legal via Roe-Casey judicial fiat.

Cockstradamus now resumes his Azores Sabbatical until needed.

PS Gamecocks beat Commodores last night to take SEC East lead.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –  Examiner.com

Editor of  Hillbilly Politics and Co-Founder and Editor of Political Daily

Charlotte Observer and Atlanta Journal-Constitution op-eds archived at Townhall.com.

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Mike gamecock DeVine
A trial lawyer for two decades in South Carolina; owner of Ati Vista LLC since 2002 now associated with Lupa Law Firm; VP & Counsel for Buddy Allen Roofing & Construction Inc. since 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia; and a freelance writer, DeVine was the conservative voice of the Charlotte Observer from 2006-8 and has been the owner of HillbillyPolitics.com since 2009.

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vassar bushmills
September 1, 2012 7:38 am

Another BIG BIG media meme with short, short legs. You’re right, took less than a week for Missouri to return to a state of its nature. before this season is over the media will be pushing the Edsel, Mili-Vanili best-of CDs, and Nancy Pelosi’s beauty secrets.

September 1, 2012 8:30 am

Agree, Missouri must get McCaskill out. I get tired of the pundits who stand on top of our own mountains and throw our people off.

Mike DeVine
September 1, 2012 9:55 am

Thx VB and Tuxedoed Lady. But VB, Nancy used to be a doll…just sayin’

E Pluribus Unum
September 1, 2012 3:28 pm

I’ve been against the grain on this one too. Let’s just say that it’s pretty lonely on this side, even in the land of conservo-punditry.