If you support Obama, and VOTE for Obama, don’t tell me you’re pro-life. Ever.


People who claim to be “extremely” pro-life and yet somehow can put their conscience aside and still vote for Obama, or any Democrat baffle me. Floor me actually.

This same Obama who could support and defend infanticide as the only one in the Illinois legislature to fail to support a bill that would provide care for newborns who somehow miraculously managed to survive a botched late-term abortion can still get this alleged “Pro-Life Democrat” vote? Maybe this alleged “pro-life Democrat” should have a talk with Melissa Ohden –

In light of the recent national discussion over abortion, it’s important Americans know the President’s best-kept secret: his extreme record on abortion. Melissa Ohden’s powerful story draws a stark contrast to his unbending support of abortion and the abortion industry and reveals the human face to this debate. Melissa’s story is running on Missouri airwaves right now, sponsored by the Susan B. Anthony List, and has $150,000 behind it. President Obama’s appalling record on abortion is not just limited to his four votes to deny rights to abortion survivors but spans to his recent heartless refusal to support bans on sex-selection and late-term abortions. These actions fly in the face of mainstream American views and run counter to the President’s first term pre-election talk of finding common ground.

The video is short, barely over a minute, so you can spare that much time.


Ohden: I was aborted, and my body discarded…like I didn’t exist.

But a nurse heard me crying…and cared enough to save my life.

There’s something else you may not know…when he was in the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama voted to deny basic constitutional protections for babies born alive from a failed abortion. Not once, but four times.

I know that it is by the grace of God I am alive today…if only to ask America this question:

Is this the kind of leadership that will move us forward? Leadership that would discard the least and the weakest among us?

How will you answer?

Well? How will you?

There is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat.

h/t Steve Foley

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Erick Brockway
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August 28, 2012 11:56 pm

The only people voting for Obama on the basis of values would be anti-Americans.

August 28, 2012 11:58 pm

Critical thinking is not their strong suit. Yes, I’m looking at you, Nicole.

August 29, 2012 7:53 am

I can tell you that I know too many Catholics – some are colleagues on the faculty in my Catholic grade school – who schizophrenically voted for MAObama and consistently vote Dem because “the Democrats are the party of Social Justice.” In 2008 our Social Studies/RELIGION teacher (a 60-something who is a closet alcoholic, which may explain things) wore her OBAMA button in school. You canimagine that a good number of prtoests and angry telephone calls went to the principal, who however, being a coward, did nothing about it. This year he did make a statement about being neutral in… Read more »

E Pluribus Unum
August 29, 2012 12:54 pm

Amen, brother! Amen upon amen upon amen! It’s simple math. If you support the Democrat Party you are supporting. by definition, abortion, you are supporting third-trimester abortion, and you are supporting partial birth abortion, where the abortionist pulls the baby partway from the womb, then jabs a hole in the baby’s head with scissors, then suctions the child’s brain out. You are also supporting the coercion of taxpayers to have their money confiscated and used for these purposes. This is not just a way-down-the-list item on the Democrat agenda, a ho-hum, maybe item. This is one of their two or… Read more »

August 29, 2012 5:37 pm

They are liars, both to themselves and to most importantly to those babies who are ripped from the womb and thrown in the trash, their day will come when they answer to a higher power, and no that isn’t Obama!